General Education


General Education is designed to add breadth to students’ intellectual experience and ensure that all students in undergraduate programs attain knowledge and competency equivalent to completing one or more tertiary-level courses in the areas of i) English, Arabic or other languages; ii) the humanities or arts; iii) the natural sciences; iv) information technology or mathematics; v) the social or behavioural sciences; vi) Islamic studies, history, or culture; and vii) UAE studies.

Through General Education courses, students develop the necessary intellectual, practical, and academic skills through integrated educational experiences in scientific, quantitative, and critical reasoning through use of technology to access, evaluate, organize, and communicate information. Students strengthen abilities in communication, innovation, and critical reflection in order to enhance self-directed learning and establish life-long learning that extends beyond Rabdan Academy to the workplace environment.

For the two-year, Associate / Diploma level qualification, students complete 18 course credits according to the following table. Note that categories in humanities, arts, and social or behavioural sciences are fulfilled by appropriately mapped program courses.

English, Arabic or other languages6
Humanities or arts
Natural sciences3
Information technology or mathematics3
Social or behavioural sciences
Islamic studies, history, or culture3
UAE studies3


For the four-year, Bachelor of Science level qualification, students complete 36 course credits according to the following table.


English, Arabic or other languages12
Humanities or arts3
Natural sciences6
Information technology or mathematics6
Social or behavioural sciences3
Islamic studies, history, or culture3
UAE studies3


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