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General Education


As a fundamental component of all degree programs, the General Education Program (Gen Ed) seeks to provide students with transferrable skills that prepare them to gain knowledge, acquire new competencies, and broaden their perspectives so that they may better adapt to the needs of a changing society and to impact the future as leaders and lifelong learners.



The General Education Program is designed to provide students with opportunities to enhance and build their 21st century skills of Thinking Methods / Cognitive Skills, Information and Communication Technology, People / Work Skills and Living / Personal Skills. These abilities, amongst others, are essential to equipping students with required skills and competencies to become life-long learners and successful in their chosen fields.  The program is part of each degree granting program and the number of credits is determined by the degree the student is pursuing.

The program adds breadth to students’ intellectual experience and ensures that all students in undergraduate programs attain knowledge and competency in the following areas by successfully completing one or more tertiary-level courses in a) English language b) Arabic language c) Islamic studies d) UAE studies e) Innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability, f) humanities and fine arts, g) social and behavioural sciences, and natural science and mathematics. The courses identified as English or Arabic language, humanities and fine arts, social and behavioural sciences, and natural science and mathematics by Rabdan Academy have been classified according to following criteria:


English language:

Courses in this category develop a student’s written and oral communication using the English language.  Using both composition and rhetoric, students are able to produce various types of written texts.  By doing in-class and recorded presentations, students are able to enhance their oral communication skills.

  • ENG103 General English for Diploma
  • ENG210 English 2
  • ENG310 English 3

Arabic language:

Courses in this category are for non-native Arabic speakers.  They are designed to introduce students to the Arabic language.  Using both written and listening skills students are able to produce a both written texts and communicate orally.

  • ARA100E Arabic for Non-Native Speakers

Humanities and Fine Arts (HFA):

Courses in this category develop a student’s research and analysis in the areas of history, languages, literature and rhetoric.  Using both comparison and interpretive methods, students study the evolution of cultures and societies, and the way in which these are represented in primary and secondary sources.

  • ARA100 Arabic Studies (HFA)
  • ISL100/ISL100E Islamic Studies (HFA)
  • EMS100/EMS100E Emirates Studies (HFA)

Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS):

Courses in this category develop a student’s understanding of how people and society act and interact (including a person’s behaviour and how they learn).  Using analysis of human behaviour students are able to engage in logical debate and discourse on the various perspectives and ideologies persistent in modern society.

  • MGT100 Management Fundamentals (SBS)
  • SEC100/ SEC100A Introduction to Academic Studies (SBS)
  • SEC290/ SEC290A Fundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SBS)

Natural Science and Mathematics (NSM):

Courses in this category develop a student’s understanding of mathematics and natural sciences (biological science, environmental science, or physics) and ability to interpret general statistical information presented in the real-world.   Using both mathematical and scientific data to differentiate between facts and opinion, students are able to think critically and subsequently make informed decisions.

  • MTH100*  Statistics (NSM)
  • MTH101    General Education Mathematics (NSM)
  • MTH110    Calculus I (NSM)
  • PHY100     Physics I (NSM)


A minimum of one course per category is required.  Courses taken for each program are outlined in the table titled General Education Courses Offered by Degree Program below.


General Education Courses Offered by Degree Program

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