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Because we realise that students often feel confused when thinking about their future career and determining the starting point after graduation, we always strive to achieve the desired stability for our students by providing services related to this context, including, but not limited to, career guidance and internship.

Of course, Practical Knowledge is important. It makes you grow and evolve. With our support, you will be able learn how to build a successful career in the market. You will develop ideas and strategies that help you compete in the job market

Practical knowledge allows you to experience different aspects from the real world and helps you discover what you really want and what you enjoy most. By gaining experience, you will be more accepted among business communities and employers will compete for you when they feel the great progress you achieved in self-development.

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Yes, we do!

In fact, Rabdan Academy does not separate the theory and practical aspects of its programs which contributes to enhancing our students’ practical experience to join the labour market with the required skills, in addition to enhancing their ability to make decisions related to career path.

Since practical courses are not sufficient on their own to achieve the main objective of gaining the experience necessary to join the labour market, Rabdan Academy has adopted a holistic approach that takes into account the various aspects needed outside the framework of our offered programs.

Career Service Office

We are committed to helping our students and alumni achieve their career goals through a range of resources, services, and programs. Here is an overview of what we offer:

Career Counseling Services: We offer one-on-one career counseling sessions with our trained career counselors. Our counselors provide guidance on career exploration, job search strategies, resume and cover letter review, interview preparation, networking, and more.

Career Development Workshops: Our career development workshops cover a variety of topics, including resume writing, interview skills, networking, presentation skills and job search strategies. These workshops are led by career counselors and industry professionals and are designed to help students and alumni enhance their career readiness skills.

Job and Internship Services: partner with employers to provide internship and job opportunities to students and alumni.

We are here to support our students and alumni throughout their career journey. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a career counseling session, please don't hesitate to contact us indicating the reason behind your request.

In-Person: Rabdan Academy, Ground Floor, Student Affairs Office

Email: cso@ra.ac.ae

Phone: +971 2 5999105

Overall, the CSO is responsible for providing career-related resources, services, and programs to help students and alumni achieve their career goals. Their aim is to support individuals in making informed career decisions and developing the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen profession.

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