Connecting Rabdan Academy and the Community

Rabdan Academy’s community engagement programs and events are rooted in three principles: Connecting, Building, and Thriving.

Each initiative highlights the ripple effect of cultural and social understanding in forming both local and global relationships, allowing an opportunity for the students to co-create new possibilities for positive impact making.

Connecting Rabdan Academy and the Community

Engagement Pillars

The heart of community engagement initiatives at Rabdan Academy is to empower the students to be responsible and positive citizens in the community through transformative service-based learning that allows them to be informed, engaged, involved, and ultimately empowered.


To know and be aware of the social and cultural trends happening in the community.


To experience different activities firsthand and develop a better understanding of the community values.


To take the lead in making a positive impact in the community by being proactive in taking action.


Inspired forward what they have learned and experienced as they support fellow students in their adjusting journey.

Signature Programs

Rabdan Dialogues

Rabdan Dialogues

Rabdan dialogues are a series of conversations with people from different walks of profession and talents. It varies from young inventors and coders to Ministers and Ambassadors. A story can carry a great value of inspiration and impact on influencing Rabdan students

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Be it environmental actions or leadership schools for the youth; the community engagement opportunities are curated to engage Rabdan Students with diverse community initiatives.

Into the Community

Into the Community

From hiking up the mountains of Fujairah through exploring the ancient ruins of its haunted historical forts to tasting authentic Emirati cuisine in the traditional souqs of Al Ain, the Cultural Trips allow the students to interact with the country and its past, present, and future, while simultaneously partaking in enlightened dialogue about the culture, heritage, and traditions of the UAE. Through actively partaking in the festivals and community initiatives that are taking place around the city, the students will be able to get exposure to a diverse range of perspectives and experiences.

Rabdan Student
Ambassadors Program

Rabdan Student Ambassadors (RSA) brings together a group of student leaders to be the face of Rabdan Academy locally and globally. The program attracts students of an exceptional character exhibiting a high level of professionalism, authentic knowledge of the UAE community, and a great sense of responsibility. The Student Ambassadors will uphold the Academy's values and reputation as they foster a sense of belonging and connectivity within the wider UAE and global community.

Rabdan Student

Program Pillars

Public Engagement

Cultivating Rabdan Academy visibility and reputation through building meaningful relationships with the greater public.

Building Bridges

Connecting Rabdan Academy with different communities across the UAE.


Representing Rabdan Academy at the local and international platforms.

Student Ambassador's Key Skills

Our Student Ambassadors will be offered a number of opportunities to develop some of the critical 21st century skills which include but are not limited to the following skillset:

•   Communication and Public Speaking

•   Networking and Collaboration

•   Media Literacy

•   Protocol, Leadership, and Etiquette

•   Presentation and Creativity


  • Rabdan Dialogues
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Into the Community

Latest Events


May 2024
ISNR 2024 Conference

ISNR 2024 Conference

08:30 AM
ADNEC Centre Abu Dhabi
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