Rabdan Academy is the first in the UAE to provide learning in a dual sector structure that recognises prior learning and experience, sharing accumulated credits from course to course and job to job


Rabdan Academy has a library and information Center containing books, journals and other media. Students and staff can search the library catalog and use many of its resources and services online via the library intranet.


Rabdan Academy provides a selection of short courses designed for professional development of personnel working in the safety, security, defense, emergency and crisis management sector.

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Student Handbook 2022 – 2023

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Rabdan Academy’s Students Visit MBRL and Learn about its Unique Services

. Aims to inform the students of the UAE scientific and cultural renaissance along with enhancing their skills and creative abilities Sheds light on Future Foresight areas, such as emerging technologies, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and robotics engineering . Abu Dhabi – 21 September 2022: Rabdan Academy’s students visited Mohammed bin Rashid Library (MBRL) in […]

A Strategic Partnership between Rabdan Academy and the Republic of Indonesia Defense University

. Promising prospects for future cooperation between both sides in developing pioneering programs to qualify cadres specialised in defence and security Promote and develop joint research and exchange knowledge and experiences related to military and defence affairs . Abu Dhabi- 19 September 2022: Rabdan Academy and the Republic of Indonesia Defense University (RIDU) signed a […]

Rabdan Academy and GCAA to Enhance Cooperation in Research, Development and Exchange of Expertise

. The MOU expands the strategic partnership to enhance scientific research, exchange of expertise and sharing experiences in line with global changes and developments The initiative offers promising opportunities of integrated development plans and specialised capacity development programs within the framework of an ambitious future vision . Abu Dhabi – 08 September 2022: Rabdan Academy […]

Rabdan Academy and EWEC to Collaborate on Scientific and Academic Skill Development and Knowledge Exchange

. MoU creates new strategic partnership focused on enhancing multidisciplinary capabilities through world-class training programmes on safety, security, defence, emergency preparedness and crisis management. Agreement leverages joint expertise of both organisations to exchange experiences, technologies and services to qualify individuals and entities to the highest international standards. . Abu Dhabi – 08 September 2022: Rabdan […]