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Rabdan Academy was officially established in (2013) to coordinate and enhance learning outcomes for organisations and individuals in the Safety, Security, Defence, Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management Sectors.

Rabdan Academy is a government-owned world class education institution.

Our working hours are 8:00 am – 4:00 pm from Monday to Thursday, and 8:00 am - 12:30 pm on Friday.

For General Inquiries or Complaints:

Please contact us at: 00971259999111, or email:

For inquiries related to vocational short courses:

Please contact the Vocational Affairs Division at: +97125999108, +97125999706 or e-mail:

To contact the Student Affairs Division:

You can contact the Student Affairs Division at: 0097125999111 or via e-mail:

We are the first higher education institution in the world specialised in the safety, security, defence, emergency preparedness and crisis management (SSDEC) domain to achieve top "5 star" ratings in the 2 categories of Teaching and Employability under the QS Stars University Rating System. We offer variety of specialised and unique academic programs by a global faculty who qualified at the world’s top 200 universities with deep knowledge and hands-on experience in SSDEC domain. The Academy adopts a dual learning approach, combining Academic Education and Vocational Training. Our students have the chance to go through internship opportunities in coordination with our stakeholders and we have recorded 100% graduate employment showing the graduates' readiness to join the labour market, effectively integrate into multicultural and multidisciplinary teams, along with having the skills related to the current and future requirements of the safety, security, defence, business continuity and integrated emergency management fields.

We offer various prestigious programs, along with a rich educational environment, that help you build a professional career path in the Safety, Security, Defence, Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management Domain. Our Programs are divided into two levels:

Graduate Programs

-   Master of Science in Intelligence Analysis

-   Master of Science in Policing and Security Leadership

-   Master of Science in Systems Engineering Specialising in Defence

Undergraduate Programs:

-   Business Continuity Management (Bachelor / Higher Diploma / Associate Diploma)

-   Policing and Security (Bachelor / Higher Diploma / Associate Diploma)

-   Integrated Emergence Management (Bachelor / Higher Diploma / Associate Diploma)

-   Homeland Security (Bachelor / Associate Diploma)

-   Diploma in Crime Scene

-   Bachelor of Science in Defence and Security

Yes, we are recognised by the Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) as an authorised institution in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi which is aligned to the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 and the National Strategy for Higher Education of the UAE Government. We are a licensed higher education institution in the National Register of Licensed Higher Education Institutions published by the Ministry of Education, United Arab Emirates. All of our academic programs are accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation of the Ministry of Education, UAE.

We offer our students fully-equipped and furnished deluxe hotel apartments in Danat Residency, located within walking distance of Rabdan Academy. The hotel offers a holistic living-learning environment contributing to positive campus life experience. Proximity to the campus provides accessibility to the Academy’s learning resources including academic staff, library, etc. It also minimizes traffic safety risks and time with City facilities and services available within walking distance of the hotel.

We provide our students with a wide range of advanced world-class facilities to support their learning in Rabdan Academy, including, but are not limited to, classrooms based on modern learning tools and equipment, an attractively designed cafeteria serving food and beverages at reasonable prices, treatment room equipped with first aid equipment, and prayer rooms easily accessible by our students throughout the day, a library rich in specialised information resources, student accommodation with modern-designed rooms, multi-storey parking that provides parking space for a large number of vehicles, and other entertainment facilities that support our students’ interaction and activities.

Rabdan Academy welcomes international students from all over the world as it supports a diverse and dynamic learning environment that reflects the cultures and experiences of different peoples of the world. Since Rabdan Academy is located in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, it represents an extension of the wider Abu Dhabi community, in which more than 200 nationalities of different cultural and religious backgrounds live, work, study and enjoy a decent and respectful life.

Our goal is to make a cooperative, friendly and motivating environment for our students. With Rabdan Academy, you will experience world-class professional services that support your educational and professional journey. You will have access to health services, IT support tools and online e-learning program, academic and personal advising, alumni portal, volunteering initiatives, student exchange program, student council, career guidance and internship, accommodation services, international students support and more.

As a part of the criteria for graduation, each student is required to do 22.5 hours of work connected to volunteering, community service, and integrated health during each semester, for a total of 180 hours of work related to volunteering.

Rabdan Academy allows its students to spend up to one semester in another country at one of our partner universities. This gives our students the opportunity to experience other cultures and learn the local language by engaging in daily life interaction details within an exceptional experience that combines academic, cultural, community and professional aspects. Our Students benefit from this overseas experience by living a new educational context with different instructors, fellow students, and resource.

At the same time, Rabdan Academy receives visiting students from various universities in other countries within the framework of the student exchange program, where the visiting students learn about Abu Dhabi culture and community, get engaged with our students and benefit from our various Program across Safety, Security, Defence, Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management Sectors.

Our specialised and dedicated research team conducts reliable and high-level scientific research on unique and strategically valuable topics, including but are not limited to, Critical Infrastructure Security, Regional Security, Border Control, Foreign policy and Diplomacy, Cybersecurity, Cryptography, Hacking and Defence, Cybersecurity Compliance, Disaster Planning and Mitigation, Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery, Natural and Pandemic events, Disaster, Environment, Development, Strategic Management, Policy Analysis, and more.

Rabdan Main Research Areas

-   Defence and Security

-   Emergence Management

-   Homeland Security

-   Intelligence and Security

-   Policing and Security

-   Systems Engineering

Our Professional Development Programs are delivered in many key areas, including:

-   Intelligence

-   Homeland Security

-   Business Continuity Management

-   Information Technology and Cyber Security

-   Project and Risk Management

-   Finance and Audit

-   Management and Personal Effectiveness

-   Crisis and Emergency Management

-   Procurement and Supply Chain Management

To apply for available positions, please email us at:

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