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Rabdan Academy provides student advising services on a group and individual level with the aim of developing their skills and achieving their ambitions, in addition to providing them with the assistance and support needed during their educational journey at Rabdan Academy. The process of student advising is also a continuous process that starts from the first day a student joins Rabdan Academy and continues throughout his study at the academy.

Rabdan Academy believes that student advising is of high importance and contributes to achieving the desired results of the educational process. It also provides each student personally with real support that contributes to leading him towards success and leadership, not only during his study at the academy, but even when he joins the labour market and becomes involved in professional, family and social life.

Student Advising
Academic Advising

Academic Advising

The process of student advising is carried out in a systematic and organized manner based on high-level standards and rules, and it is closely supervised by the respective team in the academy.

Each student at Rabdan Academy is assigned to an advisor who will provide academic counseling, personal counseling, support and advice to the students in all facets of their educational activities.

Academic Advising will help guide the students towards making the right decisions during their journey in the Academy, including, but not limited to:

•   Provide information on academic requirements of the program and courses.

•   Assist with any enrolment and registration requirements regarding scheduling of classes, required pre-requisites and electives.

•   Discuss issues regarding course loads and requirements such as assignments, tests and examinations.

•   Monitor students’ academic progress and advice on issues such as study plans, study tips and advice, grading and issues regarding how to maintain good academic standing.

•   Discuss and explain the rules and regulations and academic policies and procedures such as academic progress, internships, recognition of prior learning, data protection, rights and responsibilities, grievances and appeals

Personal Counselling

Students’ personal life is an important part of the educational process and achieving balance in this aspect contributes to the students’ distinction in their study and the achievement of the desired goals without anything disturbing the students and harming their time for learning and study.

Therefore, personal counselling for students helps them overcome personal problems and overcome difficulties and challenges in their lives. It also contributes to refining students’ skills on a personal and professional level.

Personal advising deals with understanding the personal and social needs of students, identifying the habits and attitudes that the students should develop, assisting students in planning appropriate activities in their free time, and making independent decisions that contribute to their physical, social, moral, spiritual and emotional development.

Personal Counselling
Advising Process

Advising Process

An initial face-to-face meeting occurs within the first two weeks of the beginning of the semester. At this meeting, the student and the academic advisor will agree on a schedule of regular meetings to enable continuity of contact. Each student is responsible for meeting with their advisor according to the agreed schedule of meetings. These meetings will be structured so the academic advisor can provide the student with advice, support and information on academic and non-academic matters.

For any inquiries, please contact the Student Affairs Division:

 Email: Studentservices@ra.ac.ae

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