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Rabdan Academy

Abu Dhabi Main Campus

Rabdan Academy is located on Al Dhafeer Street, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The Academy is a modern education and training center with a capacity of 36 class rooms spread out in the Ground, Podium and First floors of the building.

The primary campus can accommodate around 1200 students. With 7 floors (including 3 floors at the Basement level assigned for car parking), its total built-up area is 33,000 square meters.

The General Service Division supports the Academy's educational mission through provision of a range of facilities including library, prayer areas, computer lab, student's lockers, parking on campus, cafeteria, meeting rooms, auditorium and class rooms.

Rabdan Academy
Zayed Military University Campus

Zayed Military University Campus

Rabdan Academy's off campus instructional site is the Zayed Military University (ZMU), owned and managed by the Ministry of Defence (MoD), United Arab Emirates (UAE). ZMU is located at the Hameem Military Camp on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is about 37 kilometers from the RA primary campus. As a chosen academic partner of the MoD (supported by a five-year strategic partnership agreement), RA caters to the educational needs of Tri-service (Army, Navy and Air force) Trainee Officer Cadets recruited to the General Head Quarters of the MoD.

The academic buildings feature technically advanced lecture-style classrooms, library, tutorial rooms, study rooms, and computer labs - all with wireless internet and advanced technical capabilities and support. RA currently offers one academic program (Bachelor of Science in Defence and Security) at the ZMU campus with an initial cohort of 97 students.

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