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Student Exchange Program

Enriching Experience

Among the different life experiences that a person goes through, there is one that remains the most enriching experience in the world, that is living with other cultures, integrating into the wider world and getting to know various aspects of other peoples and countries.

This academic and practical experience contributes to expanding our students’ perceptions, self-reliance, obtaining diverse expertise and skills, along with enhancing their flexibility to engage with different cultures around the world.

Therefore, Rabdan Academy is working hard to provide its students with the opportunity to go through this experience in all its details within our partnerships with various universities around the world, which have a strong academic reputation and a great impact in enhancing this aspect among our students, including but not limited to, Virginia Commonwealth University and Norwich University.

Student Exchange Program
Learn About Other Cultures

Learn About Other Cultures

Rabdan Academy allows its students to spend up to one semester in another country at one of our partner universities. This gives our students the opportunity to experience other cultures and learn the local language by engaging in daily life interaction details within an exceptional experience that combines academic, cultural, community and professional aspects.

Our Students benefit from this overseas experience by living a new educational context with different instructors, fellow students, and resource.

At the same time, Rabdan Academy receives visiting students from various universities in other countries within the framework of the student exchange program, where the visiting students learn about Abu Dhabi culture and community, get engaged with our students and benefit from our various Program across Safety, Security, Defence, Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management Sectors.


Every student at Rabdan Academy has the right to join the student exchange program by showing his interest in contacting the Student Affairs Division to submitting the relevant application with the required documents. Students who are willing to be part of this experience should meet the below requirements:

•   UAE National

•   Full-time student

•   Earned over 30 credits

•   Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0

•   Achieved IELTS 6.0

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