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Welcome to the Alumni Association website. Joining the Rabdan Academy Alumni Association is an excellent opportunity for you to stay connected with your peers, advance your career, and make a difference in your community. We look forward to welcoming you as a member and continuing to support you in your professional journey.

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Dear graduate


At Rabdan Academy, we equip generations with knowledge and science to contribute to the UAE's development and modernization. We value our former students and strive to maintain communication with them by providing an effective point of contact for sharing experiences and expertise. Our graduates are a testament to the achievements we have made thus far, and we take pride in their ongoing involvement with the Academy.

As an alumnus of Rabdan Academy, you can participate in special events, enrol in classes, and enjoy social events, creating a sustainable and strong lifelong relationship of mutual benefit. We offer you an integrated platform with a variety of services available at any time and from anywhere to support your ongoing personal and professional development.


To build and maintain a lifelong community of alumni who continue to promote cooperation and coordination between relevant national institutions to address future national security challenges, by continuing to develop their professional skills, curiosity and relationships after graduation.

Rabdan Academy
Rabdan Academy


To provide Rabdan Academy’s Alumni with opportunities to participate in educational, training and other scholarly activities in the domains of Safety, Security, Defence, Emergency preparedness and Crisis management for the purpose of enhancing their professional development, networking, sharing evidenced-based practices and readiness to address future national security challenges.

Alumni Programs

As an alumnus of Rabdan Academy, you have access to a vast network of fellow alumni, resources, and events that will enable you to stay connected and engaged with the Academy's community.

Our association offers a range of benefits to our members, including networking opportunities, career development resources, and exclusive events. Our alumni are regularly invited to attend industry-specific conferences, workshops, and lectures where they can engage with prominent professionals and stay up to date on the latest industry trends.

Peer Mentoring Program

The Graduate Peer Mentoring Program at Rabdan Academy pairs established graduate students with peers who are new to the institution. The program creates room and space for mentors to nurture, encourage, support and provide personal and professional support to mentees

Ambassador Program

To extend the reach of the Rabdan Academy Alumni Association and the entire Alumni Office through the volunteer recruitment efforts of knowledgeable, well-trained, and enthusiastic Rabdan Academy Alumni Ambassadors. The ambassadors will work with, advise, and share their experiences in the academic and professional world with prospective, new, and current students at the Rabdan Academy. Also, they will represent the Academy in regional and global college and campus events

To participate in one or both programs, kindly send your interest by email to the alumni office: raalumni@ra.ac.ae

Board Members

Rabdan Academy Alumni Board members are cooperating to produce efficient outcomes that can lead Rabdan to higher world-wild ranks

Board Members

Share Your Success Story

We are excited to hear of all your personal achievements. Send us a short description which will be included on the website. Please also attach a picture and any images related to your success (if applicable).

Alumni profiles help us inspire and attract prospective students, showcasing the types of careers and success that studying at Rabdan Academy can bring.

We Have an Impact

Abdulla Alhefeiti

Abdulla Alhefeiti

Alumni Bachelor of Science in Integrated Emergency Management

I would like to extend my sincere regards and appreciation to Rabdan Academy’s management, faculty and staff for the support and attention that I have received throughout my study journey at the Academy. My Sincere thanks go to the Academy for developing my professional skills in the field of emergencies, crises and disasters, and I encourage my colleagues to exert more effort during their study and pay attention to all details to have a complete grasp of the knowledge and to reflect positively on their future role in serving our dear country effectively. May God bless you and grant you all the best.

Awadh Mubarak bin Muhairom

Awadh Mubarak bin Muhairom

Student Bachelor of Science in Policing and Security

During my study of the Bachelor degree in Policing and Security at Rabdan Academy, I gained plenty of skills and expertise from the lecturers and learned a lot about policing and security sciences that are necessary for the police officers, in addition to the diverse leadership skills that will benefit me in my personal life and future career.

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