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Health Services

Your Health & Safety Is Our Top Priority

We put the Health and Safety of our students as a top priority. We are always keen to provide world-class health services to protect and enhance our students’ health by following the best quality standards and maintaining follow-up and communication in order to achieve our endeavors towards a healthy learning environment mentally and physically. This is implemented through many specific and approved policies and procedures that are reviewed periodically by a dedicated team of highly skilled specialists.

All our students have access to a range of local health services and programs that can provide them with clinical, preventative and emergency health care as required. Any specific student health care needs and requirements are identified and recorded at the point of admission, and that appropriate arrangements are put in place to adequately care for the health and well-being of students.


Treatment Room

The role of having a medical facility plays a crucial part in the academy life. We have been dedicatedly working towards the commitment of ensuring the health and safety of our students, employees, visitors and contractors. We have an easily accessible treatment room located in the ground floor, which is specifically designed to accommodate those who may require rest and monitoring. This room consist of basic clinical equipment and tools which are usable to assess and provide immediate treatment to everyone.

In the event of any medical emergency, we have protocols in place to ensure that it will be dealt safely and professionally. Rabdan Academy has appointed, trained and certified first aiders to act and provide immediate assistance given if any person suffering from either minor to serious injury/illness prior to a professional medical help arrives. In addition to that, first aid supplies and equipment is available in all areas throughout the campus.

Health Awareness Programs

We help raise our students’ awareness of health issues through a range of information services and health education programs to encourage them make positive healthy lifestyle choices including nutrition, fitness, recreational and sporting events and activities.

We have a Dedicated Health and Safety Team that ensures holding health awareness and educational programs from time to time in a way that promotes the health, safety and welfare of all our students.

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