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Dr. Layla Al Mashjari

Assistant Professor

Dr. Layla Al Mashjari is an Assistant Professor at Rabdan Academy. She has a PhD in Shariaa focusing on economic crimes on the internet according to Sharia and UAE law.

Dr. Layla has been teaching for more than 15 years and has taught Jurisprudence, Personal Status relates to UAE law, wealth and inheritance. 


    •   Ph.D. in Jurisprudence and its Foundations (Economic Crimes via the Worldwide Information Network - A Jurisprudential Study Compared to the UAE Criminal Law), College of Islamic and Arabic Studies 2011.

    •   Master's degree in Sharia (Provisions for taking payment for obedience and disobedience - a comparative study),College of Islamic and Arabic Studies 2005

    •   Bachelor's degree in Sharia, Imam Muhammad bin Saud University 2000.

Teaching Areas

    Islamic studies

    Principles of Islamic jurisprudence

    Introduction of Islamic 

    Wills and inherence

    Personnel Status 

Research Interests

    Shareaa and Law


    1-   Economic crimes through the global information network, a jurisprudential study compared to the UAE criminal law, College of Islamic and Arabic Studies, 2015

    2-   Contempt for religions between Sharia and the law of the United Arab Emirates, Journal of Sharia and Law, UAE University 2018

    3-   Precautionary measures in UAE laws and the position of Islamic jurisprudence on them, Journal of Sharia and Law, Cairo University, 2018

    4-   Good governance in light of the purposes of Sharia, Islamic University of Malaysia 2018.

    5-   Effect of the use of technology Kgarinh to prove sexual crimes in the light of the intent of protecting the display.

    6-   The crime of information theft via the Internet in Islamic jurisprudence, Scopus magazine 2021.

    7-   Managing the travel ban in Islamic jurisprudence and its applications on terrorist crimes in the light of the Law on Combating Terrorist Crimes, Journal of Sharia and Islamic Studies, University of Sharjah, 2021.

    8-   The principle of mutual respect and acceptance of the other from a comparative jurisprudential perspective, Al-Azhar University, 2021

    9-   Research and books under publication

    10-   Provisions of inheritance and wills in Islamic jurisprudence and what is to be done in the UAE Personal Status Law

Dr. Layla Al Mashjari
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