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Dr. Ala Mohammad Shdouh

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ala’ Shdouh holds a bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees from Yarmouk University in Jordan, specialising is Arabic language/literature and criticism.

Dr. Ala’ currently works as an assistant professor at Rabdan Academy, and he worked at Al-Jouf University in Saudi Arabia, Irbid National University, Yarmouk University, and Al-Balqa Applied University in Jordan.

Dr. Ala’ has participated in many scientific conferences and has a group of refereed scientific research published in refereed journals, the last of which is a research published in the journal Intervention in Scopus, and he has a research under arbitration in a journal listed in Scopus.

 Dr. Ala’ has taught many specialised and general Arabic language courses, and participated in many scientific and academic committees in the universities in which he worked, especially the cultural and creative activity committee.


    •   Doctorate in Arabic Language / Literature and Criticism, from Yarmouk University / Jordan

    •   Master's degree in Arabic Language / Literature and Criticism, from Yarmouk University / Jordan

    •   Bachelor's degree in Arabic from Yarmouk University / Jordan

Teaching Areas

    •   Teaching Arabic language courses for bachelor's degree and foundational education.  

    •   Teaching courses in a variety of fields.

Research Interests

    * Literature and criticism

    * Grammar

    * Criticism of the story and the novel

    * Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers


    •   Research entitled: (The need for the comparative approach to some other critical approaches The two books of “Al-Omda” by Ibn Rashiq, and “Al-Mumtia” by Al-Nahshali, between the precedent and the taking” - A comparative study), Philosophical Readings XIII.4 (2021), pp. 1139-1155. 1139, (SCOPUS).

    •   Research entitled: (Stranger to the Gulf - Psychological Reading - "The Game of Looking Inside") - Al-Quds Open Magazine - Palestine - 2014.

    •   Research entitled: (Critic Issues in the Commandments of Criticism - A Study in Theorization, Analysis and Application). Jil Journal of Literary and Intellectual Studies / Lebanon – 2014.

    •   Research entitled: (Critical and rhetorical terms for the verbal structure of literary texts and its advantages in the criticism of ancient Arabic prose - a critical original lexical study) - Journal of Arab and Islamic Studies for Girls in Alexandria - 2015.

    •   Research entitled: (Terms of Rhythmic and Vocal Structure in Criticism of Old Arabic Prose, Study in Criticism of Rhetorical Terminology) - Narrative Journal - Suez Canal University - 2015.

    •   Research entitled: (_ Introduction to the third part of the book “Insights and Ordnances - Technical Analytical Study) Fifteenth Literary Criticism Conference - Yarmouk University – 2015.

Dr. Ala Mohammad Shdouh
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