Rabdan Academy is always seeking faculty and staff with the highest expertise in our field, we are looking for positive and inspirational candidates to lead us in our journey from a ‘world-class’ facility to a ‘future-class’ learning organization, capable of providing leadership within the safety and security industries, and inspiration to other institutions around the world.

We are committed to providing opportunities for UAE Nationals to accelerate their learning and professional development, so that they may more effectively shape the future of this young nation.

Advantages of working with the Rabdan Academy

As a young and vibrant organization, our faculty members come from all over the world – We offer a wide range of employment opportunities for security experts, faculty and staff. We are driven by our vision to provide a future-class multi-disciplinary learning environment of choice for the continuing development and integration of safety, security, defense, emergency preparedness and crisis management professionals.

Government support to enhance our Trainings, Academic research, Consultancy programs nationally and globally in our security sectors.

Attractive salaries and retirement programs.


Stemming from our belief in the importance of the Emiratization program and its fundamental role in advancing our economy, we are committed to providing continued support to the program in Abu Dhabi by increasing the ratio of working citizens and enhancing their potential as well as providing vocational guidance and training opportunities. We are also keen on providing individual development plans for employees to boost their points of strength, which will subsequently strengthen our national economy and help in realizing the UAE Vision.

Fresh graduates & Volunteers

Rabdan Academy values all levels of talents and supports fresh graduates to get their first professional work experience to find their careers. How to gain experience when you are a fresh graduate? There are a lot of obvious benefits to volunteering to your first or second job —a sense of accomplishment, gaining perspective, and meeting new people. You can also find business benefits and ways your efforts can help land you your dream career. Develop new skills Volunteering can be a positive way to get the opportunity for a first experience or gain experience in areas your current or past jobs did not provide. If you need some additional experience for a particular job or promotion, there are many options to grow with the Academy and even potential permanent contracts after a successful volunteering period accomplishment. Impress employers with your ambition Candidates who volunteer stand out in a positive way because their passion and investment in their career is evident. Volunteering can add depth to your resume and help get you noticed. Fill in employment gaps, add experience to your future Volunteer experience is also professional experience. On your resume, list the organization and dates of your service, and instead of using the title “volunteer,” use your responsibilities. Using your time to gain new skills and help your career growth—either while looking for employment or while working—highlights your willingness to jump in, learn new things, and do more with us.

Join us in building the safest future of our nation!

Great job opportunities that ensure continued professional development.