Rabdan Academy Participates In the BCM Awareness Week

Rabdan Academy Participates In the BCM Awareness Week

In its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, Rabdan Academy held the event of “Business Continuity Management (BCM) Awareness Week” for the Academy’s students on the topic of “Cyber Resilience” from April 30th – May 4th. A number of lecturers and academic experts attended the event.

Among the participants were Dr. Saif Al-Dhahri, from the National Emergency, Crises and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA), Mr. Malcolm Walker, Audit chief at NBAD and Dr. Mohammed Hamad Al-Kuwaiti, from the National Cyber Security Authority (NESA).

Dr. Saif Al-Dhahri highlighted the importance of BCM and its objectives both nationally and internationally. He also explained that the skills of the BCM program and emphasized the importance of Rabdan Academy in qualifying national professionals.

Mr. Malcolm spoke about cyber piracy especially in banking and financial institutions. Moreover, he also presented a framework that will help reduce cyber piracy and achieve cyber resilience.

Dr. Mohammed Hamad Alkuwaiti also talked about cyber resilience and the role of NESA in countering the phenomenon of cyber piracy, suggesting a framework to prevent cyber-attacks in the UAE.

James Morse, president of Rabdan Academy, stated that organizing such events shows the Academy’s keenness on connecting the academic learning outcomes to practical reality especially those related to cyber resilience.

The BCM week is an international event that is being held annually to highlight the importance of Business Continuity and to help people understand the procedures that should be realized at all companies, authorities and organizations in the UAE on a yearly basis.

The importance of Rabdan Academy students’ participation in the BCM week lies in the fact that they had a real opportunity to meet experienced presenters who provided valuable information on the importance of cyber resilience in facing cyber piracy threats on the operations of companies and organizations.