Rabdan Academy and successful distance learning

Rabdan Academy and successful distance learning

Dr. Faisal AlKaabi, the Dean of the Faculty of Resilience at Rabdan Academy, during an interview with Al Ittihad newspaper, emphasized that the Academy took all the necessary precautionary measures aimed at curbing the COVID-19 pandemic and preserving the safety and wellbeing of its students and both academic and administrative bodies. The Academy initiated its distance learning system for all students and distance working platform for employees with non-critical tasks to its operations.

Dr AlKaabi said: “In cooperation with its strategic partners, Rabdan Academy develops and provides joint training programs aimed at promoting national competencies and skills in safety, security, defense, emergency preparedness and crisis management. The Academy’s programs were designed to enhance the competencies and leadership skills of individuals to face current and future challenges, through practical and applied education and hosting specialized experts.”

AlKaabi noted that the Academy utilized the most advanced educational tools and methods in developing a clear and flexible distance learning strategy based on the highest local and international standards. Additionally, the Academy’s students demonstrated high levels of maturity and ability to use technological solutions, especially that the statistics of 22 to 30 March 2020 of distance learning showed that students attempted to answer 23,575 quizzes, with 8,833 classroom discussions between students and lecturers. Moreover, the students reviewed 212,666 e-documents, presentations, videos ..etc. With regards to the teaching and academic bodies, the Academy activated the distance meeting strategy leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and applications designed for this purpose.

The Academy notified students of the necessity to adhere to guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Human Resources Authority, which details prevention measures to avoid infection with COVID-19, such as avoiding crowded places, drawing information from its official sources and refraining from spreading rumors and false news that might create a state of unjustified anxiety and fear.

The Academy’s mission envisions empowering entities and individuals, based on precise criteria, commensurate with future needs, in order to create a multidisciplinary and coherent national force capable of protecting the local and international communities, its individuals and components, as well as developing a plethora of academic programs. AlKaabi explained,

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