Rabdan Academy Welcomes the Newly-enrolled Students for the New Academic Year

Rabdan Academy Welcomes the Newly-enrolled Students for the New Academic Year

Rabdan Academy has welcomed the new students who joined the undergraduate programs for the academic year 2017-2018.

Dr. Faisal Obeid Al-Ayyan, Rabdan Academy Vice President, welcomed the new students and stated: “We are heartened by this remarkable turnout, which highlights the Academy’s success in delivering its scientific and professional mission to empower the students with science and knowledge to build the nation and serve the country”.

He pointed out that the number of students at Rabdan Academy is rising due to high enrollment requests. The Academy’s approach is based upon a coherent strategy, by which the number of students for each stage is determined in a manner suitable for the needs and capacity of the local market, without compromising the standards of quality consistently followed and applied by the Academy.

Dr. Faisal Al Ayyan revealed that the Academy is working with international organizations and universities to share experiences and take advantage of potential opportunities, for the best interest of the Academy students and the organizations to which they belong.

“Rabdan Academy currently offers nine accredited programs in three degrees, diploma, higher-diploma and bachelor degree, in three unique disciplines in the region: Business Continuity Management; Integrated Emergency Management; and Police and Security, in addition to a Crime Scene Diploma,” said Dr. Faisal Obeid Al Ayyan.

“Rabdan Academy’s selection of these specializations and other future ones is made through consultation and close coordination with strategic stakeholders to ensure meeting their pressing needs,” he added.

Mr. Abdullah Basaleeb, the Student Service and Registration Department Manager at Rabdan Academy, has welcomed the new students and encouraged them to do their best, wishing them success in their scientific and practical life. “The Academy provides for its students the highest standards of education and university services, according to the international standards applicable at the most prestigious specialized academies in the region and the world,” he added.

“The candidates are selected according to standard criteria and conditions, which have been precisely and specifically set, due to the sensitivity and importance of the security sector,” he also mentioned.

The Academy offers both academic and vocational training programs, tailored to the best international standards, which are developed by a group of distinguished national and foreign professors who have globally-recognized expertise and skills in their fields.