Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Learn to address the whole life cycle of business and organizational continuity planning, operation and enhancement.

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4 Years


Degree Programs

The program prepares graduates as leaders who are able to manage a multidisciplinary team in the application of standard, ethical, practices, procedures, and technologies to identify threats, assess risk, and implement organisational, interagency, business continuity solutions to enhance national resilience.

The  program addresses the whole life cycle of business and organisational continuity planning, operation, and enhancement. Courses in the program cover organisational support and development of plans to support the resilience of the whole of the UAE, and other nations. Through a combination of lecture, discussion, simulation exercises, and applied real-world scenarios, students learn team organisation, professional ethics, interagency operations, and resilience through the core principles of contemporary relevance, integration, cooperation, multi-agency coordination, and interoperability. Graduates are leaders who contribute to the safety, security, defence, emergency preparedness, and crisis management (SSDEC) for national resilience.

  • Have relevant technological skills, knowledge, and abilities for employment as a manager in the SSDEC sector.
  • Work, lead, and communicate effectively in a team to achieve common goals.
  • Apply standards, ethical practices, procedures, and technologies to collect information, conduct risk assessment, and develop effective programs.
  • Implement organisational, interagency solutions to strengthen the SSDEC community and build national resilience capacities.
  • Expand knowledge and capabilities through continuing education, certification, and other lifelong learning opportunities.
  • Fulfil civic duties and responsibilities through local, national, or global service

By successfully completing the BSc in Business Continuity Management program, a graduate has the following competencies:



  • Effectively communicate SSDEC matters using oral, written, and presentation methods.
  • Critically evaluate the legal, social, and ethical implications related to SSDEC management.
  • Apply analytical and critical thinking skills to resolve complex situations and problems related to SSDEC.
  • Apply science, mathematics, and information technology for SSDEC data collection, analysis, and problem resolution.
  • Research contemporary SSDEC issues, emergent threats, challenges, and the broader context related to international response.
  • Demonstrate leadership and teamwork skills necessary to support multi-agency cooperation.
  • Apply techniques, skills, and SSDEC based standards necessary for professional practice.


  • Demonstrate responsibility for self-improvement and recognize the need for life-long learning.
  • Design innovative organisational systems and programs to enhance resilience in real-world examples and scenarios.
  • Apply processes and methodologies for risk assessment and management.
  • Summarize relevant risk management practices and BCM industry-standard methods and procedures.
  • Discuss industry issues in the discipline and the broader role that organisational/business continuity management plays in the response and recovery following any category of incident.
  • Apply relevant risk management practices to public and private sector organisations as the basis for development of continuity programs.

60cr Associate / Diploma Qualification

Semester 1Semester 2
GP2210Intro to Concepts of IEM3GP2120Intro to BCM in the UAE3
SEC100Introduction to SSDEC management3GP2140Intro to Leadership and Mgt Emrg
GE1180Statistics3General Education3
General Education3General Education3
General Education3Elective3
Semester 3Semester 4
GP1230Intro to Strategic Risk Management3BCM221BCM Program Creation and Organisational Risk Assessment3
BCM222Developing Specific Plans and Procedures for BCM3SEC290Innovative Prj in SSDEC Mgt3
General Education3Elective3

120cr Bachelor of Science Qualification

Semester 5Semester 6
BCM3120Protecting the National Infrastructure3GP3210Validating and Auditing Plans3
GP4130Applied Stakeholder Analysis3GP4120Research and Study Skills3
General Education3General Education3
General Education3General Education3
Semester 7Semester 8
GP3220Workplace Secondment3SEC490Project in SSDEC Management3
BCM3130BCM for Ministries and Promotion of BCM3BCM3110Raising Awareness and Ongoing Audit of BCM Capability3
General Education3General Education3

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