Rabdan Academy Wins “Outstanding Community Initiative” in the Global Business Excellence Awards 2022

Rabdan Academy Wins “Outstanding Community Initiative” in the Global Business Excellence Awards 2022

Abu Dhabi – 04 Aug 2022

Rabdan Academy won the “Outstanding Community Initiative” in the “Global Business Excellence Awards 2022” from Awards Intelligence, UK, in a new global achievement that the Academy adds to its distinguished record of global achievements.

The Academy received this award in recognition of the HR team’s efforts in implementing the “Fresh Graduates Development” initiative, which aims to qualify fresh Emirati graduates and provide them with the competencies and skills required to join the broader labour market. The initiative contributed to providing the required support to fresh graduates and urging them to think, analyse, create and excel in order to effectively achieve the desired results.

These community initiatives and programs come in line with the Academy’s constant keenness to enhance social communication and develop projects that have a positive impact on the wider community across all major environmental, economic and social fields, to develop leadership capabilities that contribute to building a promising and fruitful future.

Rabdan Academy is also working to implement many effective community initiatives within clear goals and integrated action plans under the supervision of specialised team, as part of its continuous endeavor to consolidate participatory work and advance community sustainable development.

The Academy continues to coordinate with the key partners in expanding the areas of participation and developing related programs and plans, to implement volunteering activities and programs that contribute to the development and modernization process, by employing the available capabilities, empowering young people and enhancing their abilities and skills.

The award received by Rabdan Academy underlines its excellence and global competitiveness within a clear and structured framework.