Rabdan Academy Participates in the Ministry of Defense Conference “Winning the Digital War”

Rabdan Academy Participates in the Ministry of Defense Conference “Winning the Digital War”

Abu Dhabi, 6 Nov 2019

Rabdan Academy present a specialised workshop at the Armed Forces Officers Club in Abu Dhabi, during the “Leaders Conference: Wars in the 21st Century” conference organized by The Ministry of Defence under the theme “Winning the Digital War”.

The workshop conducted by a group of Rabdan Academy’s experts, specializing in the fields of security and national defence. The workshop focused on three elements; the impact of digital space on national defence institutions, how to anticipate digital threats, and finally analyze proactive solutions and how to prepare for crisis readiness.

Assuring the importance of the conference Dr. Faisal Al Ayyan, Rabdan Academy vice president said: “We thank Ministry of defence for organizing this important annual conference, it is an opportunity for Rabdan Academy to highlight its academic and training expertise in digital war, and how to have a successful planning and execution. The conference is a very important, and offer specialised workshops within ideal environment for knowledge and expertise exchange, and to get the latest update in science and studies in the digital war field.” Added Al Ayyan.

“The fast acceleration in technology makes us proactive in developing our education and training methodology with our global partners in order to cope with the rapidly evolving changes in digital conflicts, and to equip our national cadres with predictability, potential and emergency threats to the security environment, so that our compatriots are on standby. In emergencies and qualified to the highest standards of crisis management. “

The conference hosted hundreds of national, regional and international senior officials, experts, specialists, civil and military commanders and scholars.