Rabdan Academy holds a seminar on Managing Defense Organizations  “Trends, Challenges and Opportunities”

Rabdan Academy holds a seminar on Managing Defense Organizations “Trends, Challenges and Opportunities”

Rabdan Academy held a seminar under the title of Managing Defense Organizations “Trends, Challenges and Opportunities” at its headquarters which is located in Abu Dhabi on Thursday 27th of April 2017. It was presented by Dr. Mehmet Abdulkadir Varoglu, professor of Management in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science, vice president of Baskent University.

James Morse, the president of Rabdan Academy, welcomed the guests who were high officials and experts in strategic affairs. He emphasized the importance of these seminars in spreading the knowledge on the matters related to Safety, Security, Defense, Emergency and Crisis Management in the UAE.

Afterwards, Dr. Mehmet Abdulkadir Varoglu started his presentation where he discussed the importance of tracking the changes at the regional and international levels and their impacts on the individuals, organizations and societies as a whole. He emphasized the importance of considering the effects of advanced information technologies, knowledge management, cultural differences and methods of communication on these changes.

He also talked about two main elements for creating a safe and friendly environment:

Firstly, setting the context for the main strategies and mechanisms and considering external coordination in light of the risks facing all groups of society.

Secondly, the importance of working under the umbrella of an educationally advanced defense organization to cope with the latest developments by using the modern information technologies for reducing the risks that may harm the work systems of all organizations in the country.

Dr. Varoglu stressed on the importance of laying the foundations and rules of knowledge and its types for managing organizations effectively and to enable their leaders to deal quickly with any complications or changes within the organization. He referred to the challenges related to leadership skills and techniques applied in military tasks, in light of current conditions and crises that require focusing on the leader’s skills and behaviors.

He also discussed how cultural differences and exchange of information affect the management processes in light of having multiple cultures and nationalities.

He concluded his session, by stressing on the importance of setting scenarios to deal with the challenges and crises facing organizations in their management affairs and decision-making mechanisms.

 Mr. James Morse, Rabdan Academy President, concluded the seminar by thanking Dr. Varoglu and the attendance for their contributions that made the seminar successful and achieve its objectives. He also thanked the Academy staff for their efforts in organizing the seminar and who worked hard to make sure it runs smoothly. He also praised the discussions and considered this seminar as a starting point for further cooperation and study in the future.