Rabdan Academy Attracts Students Interested in	 Safety, Security, Emergency Preparedness, and Crisis Management

Rabdan Academy Attracts Students Interested in Safety, Security, Emergency Preparedness, and Crisis Management

His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, minister of tolerance, has inaugurated Najah 2019 Fair in Abu Dhabi Exhibition Center. During his tour of Rabdan Academy pavilion, Sheikh Al Nahyan received a briefing by the chairs of the specialized academic programs and unique training courses, which the Academy offers to its strategic partners to equip Emirati cadres with high qualifications and rapid response skills to deal with emergencies and crises.

Moreover, the academy’s pavilion attracted a huge number of male and female students who seek to pursue their studies and obtain their diploma, bachelor, or master degrees in the disciplines which Rabdan Academy exclusively offers in safety, security, emergency preparedness, and crisis management. It is worth noting that the academy and its programs are accredited locally and internationally.

Highlighting the significance of the fair for students and academia, Rabdan Academy Vice President Dr. Faisal al-Ayyan said: “Najah fair constitutes an optimal platform for students willing to choose a discipline to study. Our participation in this fair comes as part of the Academy strategy to reach out to a large number of male and female students and familiarize them with the academy’s distinguished curricula, thus achieving the vision of our wise leadership. This vision aims to create and prepare trained national cadres that can protect the community, its people, and its assets.

Through three interactive platforms that use cutting-edge means of visual presentation, the visitors of the fair became acquainted with the core diploma, bachelor, and master programs. This is in addition to the short vocational courses which the academy offers to its stakeholders in the fields of resilience, security, defense, police, leadership, and management.

Seeking to offer the most effective learning opportunities and provide flexible options that cater for the various needs of its students from military, civilian, and security entities, the academy has developed Business Continuity Management Program. The program grants students diploma, higher diploma, or bachelor degrees that are in line with the needs of the academy’s strategic partners. Moreover, the academy has developed and started to offer new programs, such as bachelor in policing and security and master in the policing and security leadership.

It is worth mentioning that Rabdan Academy is very keen to participate in fairs and conferences, believing that those events serve as an opportunity to familiarize students and experts with its mission; namely, preparing organizations and individuals to ensure highly specialized and multidisciplinary national cadres capable of protecting the community, its people, and its assets.