As part of its crises and disasters management plans: Rabdan Academy Puts Distance Learning Platforms in Action

As part of its crises and disasters management plans: Rabdan Academy Puts Distance Learning Platforms in Action

Abu Dhabi – UAE, March 2020:

In response to the Ministry of Educations’ call to activate distance learning options in educational institutes, and in line with its commitment to highest health and safety standards, Rabdan Academy, specialised in safety, security, defense, emergency readiness and crisis management, announced activating its distance learning platform for all students at the academy.

The Academy worked on designing different teaching programs and short courses to suit different platforms, using a bundle of teaching tools through (face-to-face) meetings and online conferences (voice and video), in addition to digital teaching tools like digital libraries, multimedia and others.

The academy pointed out that, through the past few days, it had drafted guidelines for distance-learning tools and techniques into effect, trained students on using them and developed the mechanisms needed for organizing teachers’ working schedules and students’ activities and tests.

Dr. Faisal Al Ayyan, Rabdan Academy Vice President, said: “We constantly work on developing plans and strategies that comply with the vision of the wise leadership. This is done through creating a unique future multidisciplinary learning environment that is able to cope with regional and international changes and participates in qualifying individuals and institutes in accordance with accurate criteria that suits all needs.”

Al Ayyan added, “The Academy’s future vision focuses on the importance of integrating e-learning tools and methodologies with traditional teaching, along with the rapid technological development in the world.”

 Dr. Faisal Al Kaabi, the Dean of the Faculty of Resilience at Rabdan Academy, said: “Distance learning is the ultimate solution in times of crises and natural disasters. It helps providing students with all curricula, in case students needed to stay at home. It also enhances their self-confidence and helps them taking responsibility for self-learning.”

Al Kaabi added, “The academy employs most advanced programs and applications in designing distance-learning educational programs and short vocational courses in accordance with the highest international standards.”

Al Kaabi concluded, “As part of the Academy’s plans and its readiness for emergencies, the mechanism of distance learning and its advantages were introduced to students as well as to the teaching staff members who are delivering their lectures from the Academy to students outside it.”