Abu Dhabi Police transfers its DNA expertise to its Singaporean counterpart

Abu Dhabi Police transfers its DNA expertise to its Singaporean counterpart

Abu Dhabi 1 August 2021

Abu Dhabi Police participated in a virtual training course for the Singaporean police, organized by Rabdan Academy, entitled: “Death investigations…forensic evidence at the crime scene”, within the coordination, cooperation and exchange of experiences with the Singaporean police.

Brigadier Khamis Rashid Al Kaabi, Director of the Forensic Evidence Department at Abu Dhabi Police, stressed the leadership’s keenness to cooperate with police educational institutions locally and internationally, and to learn about the best international practices in the field of DNA and forensic anthropology. He pointed out that Abu Dhabi Police provided its expertise during the course to Singaporean police officers on the procedures to be applied during the post-mortem examination of human remains, through specialists, and to raise the level of dealing with information sent by forensic experts to resolve investigation cases.

The program was designed by Professor Scott Fairgrieve, an expert in the field of forensic medicine at Rabdan Academy, and the Abu Dhabi Police Brigadier, expert Maryam Ahmed Al-Qahtani, who is the representative of the UAE in the International Police (Interpol) as an expert in DNA, and the leading expert, Khoduma Saeed Al-Nuaimi, participated in the program. The two experts in forensic evidence and investigations into death cases will give two lectures within the program.

Professor Scott explained: “Mortality investigations are one of the most challenging investigations for law enforcement, including the police, and this program provides investigators with an opportunity to explore the field with examples and experience from real-life cases and cases.”

Scott added, “Officers in the Singapore Police Department participating in the program asked important and excellent questions about various different aspects of death investigations, and their impressions of the program were very positive.”

Brigadier and expert Mariam Al-Qahtani, Head of the Criminal Biology Department, reviewed the axis of criminal identification using DNA, explaining that DNA has an important role in identifying people at crime scenes and reconstructing events in a more detailed and accurate manner, as well as ways to use modern DNA.
Major his servants expert Saeed Al-Nuaimi, a specialist in forensic anthropology, addressed the uses of anthropology in forensic anthropology to solve criminal cases through specialized methods at crime scenes, identifying whether the bones are human or not, and biological analysis of bones to identify gender, stature, age, types of injuries, geographical fingerprint and facial analysis Estimating the time of death by anthropological methods. The Singaporean officers were also introduced to dealing with different environments to discover bodies, including water, surface scattering, burial and cremation, and answering the inquiries of the participants in the course.