Talal Rashed Al Harthi

Talal Rashed Al Harthi

Lecturer, Policing & Security Program

Dr. Talal Al Harthi is a lecturer in policing and security program at Rabdan Academy, he has experience in a wide range of policing in AD Police and had developed these skills by underpinning them with academic research and study. His experience in AD police includes counter terrorism, child protection and road accident investigations. He spent 28 years in AD police and 1 year in military and has co-ordinated or led many academic research projects and initiates within Policing. He has been a lecturer at AD Police Academy and road safety institute in AL-Ain.

Bachelor: Mass of Communication – UAE University

Masters: Media / Art of Diplomacy – AUE

Doctorate: Communications: Diplomacy – Mohammed 6th University in Morocco.

Policing and Security

  • Traffic safety communication.

– International Relations

– Public policy

– Foreign Policy

  • International communication
  • Dialogue policy

– News analysis of global networks

– International Arbitration

  • Security field research and studies
  • Communication skills with others

– Diplomatic communication in the UAE facing the challenges of the technology and information revolution.

  • Fate strategies

-Analyzing and reading the media content of the visual, readable and audio media and social communication.


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