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Dr. Gareth Lee Stubbs

Assistant Professor

Gareth worked as an event manager and Trustee for a charity following an Llb. in Law from Lancaster University. He then moved into Policing, beginning as an emergency response officer, and subsequently moving on to become a community beat manager, a trainee detective, a murder investigator, and finally into police supervision. During this period, he completed his BAHons Communications, before entering onto the UK High Potential Policing Scheme. Whilst on the scheme, Gareth gained his MSc in Strategic Policing and Leadership form Warwick Business School, whilst also receiving a scholarship for an MRes in Policing from Canterbury Police Research center. He then spent a period working for the College of Policing on the National Leadership Review, before writing and submitting the proposal for the Policing Education Qualification Framework for policing in England and Wales. Gareth then spent a period at HMICFRS, where he designed the national inspection framework for leadership in policing, and trained the national cohort of police Insp’s for subsequent national inspections. Gareth finished his career in uniform policing, working as a response shift Inspector, a geographic community Inspector, and finally as a Chief Inspector in a very busy English city, whilst holding a hostage and crisis negotiation specialism.


    PhD Policing (Police Recruitment, Diversity and Positive Action); Canterbury Police Research Center. [PhD Certificate]

    MRes – Procedural Justice in Police Recruitment and Selection. Canterbury Police Research Center, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK. [US Equivalency]

    MSc – Strategic Management and Leadership in Policing. Warwick Business School, UK.

    LlbHons – Law. Lancaster University, UK.

Teaching Areas

    Human resources, Operational Command Police Culture and Police leadership 

Research Interests

    Police Culture, recruitment, whislteblowing and decision making 


    Multi-layer protection approach MLPA for the detection of advanced persistent threat

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    Positive action paradox in UK police recruitment: A critical perspective

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    Understanding the nature of social embeddedness in police recruitment in England and Wales

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    “Whenever big changes come, big talks don't”–An examination of the police experience of recruitment and promotion positive action processes

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    International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice 74, 100614 2023

    A machine learning approach to police recruitment: Exploring the predictive value of social identity measurement instruments

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    The Police Journal, 0032258X231221429 2023

    Embeddedness within Police Recruitment: How Social Networks and Relationships Influence the Hiring of New Police Recruits

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    PQDT-Global 2022

    Skin coloured targets: an examination of the effects of the use of targets in the Police, in ‘Black, Minority and Ethnic’(BME) candidate selection and recruitment

    G Stubbs

    PQDT-Global 2016

    Outside Insiders: Police Officers Who Research

    G Stubbs

    Introduction to Policing Research, 33-48

Dr. Gareth Lee Stubbs
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