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Paige Keningale


Paige has a BSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice a MSC in Crime Science, Investigations and Intelligence and is currently completing her PhD at the University of Surrey exploring the operation of intelligence processes within UK police Services. Paige is a subject matter expert for different international boards where she provides expert knowledge to help shape decisions. Paige’s research interests are cognitive processes, analyzing information, intelligence failures, the National Intelligence Model and the barriers to its success and Intelligence-led Policing. Paige has taught on a range of undergraduate modules at different Universities globally and now is a lecturer in Policing and Security Studies at Rabdan Academy in the United Arab Emirates.

Recent projects have been the ‘Border Trouble? Cooperation between UK and European Police, Judicial, Port and Border Authorities in the Post-Brexit Age” (UK), ‘End the Traffick: Preventing Sex Trafficking Though Evidence-Based Analysis (Canada), ‘How has Covid-19 affected Police Intelligence’.

Currently Paige is working closely with Abu Dhabi Police on the VR stimulators and understanding how these can lead to best practice within the police community. She is also working with the five eyes, to further understand how intelligence is facilitated by intelligence managers within the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 


    • PhD Sociology (present)- The operation of intelligence processes within UK police services
    • MSc- Crime Science, Investigations and Intelligence
    • BSc- Criminology and Criminal Justice
    • Fellowship in Higher Education
    • Certificate in Knowledge of Policing
    • Accredited Counter Fraud Technician
    • Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist 

Teaching Areas

    • Taught on a range of modules at the University of Surrey within the Sociology department including policing
    • Lecturer at the Open University teaching Understanding Criminology
    • Lecturer (contract faculty) at the University of Bournemouth and module lead for the Criminology of Organizations and policing course

Research Interests

    Police, Intelligence, Security Studies, Decision making. Scholarly activities include a numerous range of subject expert matter groups within law enforcement such as, Ministry of Education of Canada (developing a new crime and intelligence analysis degree), AIPM and the Surrey Policing board


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Paige Keningale
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