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The program prepares graduates for positions of senior responsibility as innovative, capable and resilient leaders operating to maintain public and national safety within the fields of Policing and Security, and who are able to lead within and across agencies while continuously developing and improving themselves, their teams and their organisations.

The program provides a specialised, theoretical foundation and applied skills for a graduate to function successfully as a senior leader within the domains of Policing and Security. Specifically, graduates will possess the skills, theoretical knowledge and practical ability to lead high performing and ethical policing and security operations, including organized crime, operational command, community safety, and strategic financial management.

  • Have sufficient technological skills, knowledge, and abilities for employment   as an effective leader within policing and security at a multi-agency level.
  • Effectively work,  lead,  and  communicate  in  a  high  performing  team to achieve common goals.
  • Utilize standard, ethical and human rights based practices and procedures    for the effective delivery of high quality policing and security operations.
  • Have the  ability  to  deliver  efficient  and  effective organizational  management including finance and strategy development.
  • Expand knowledge and capabilities through continuing education or    other lifelong learning opportunities.

By successfully completing the MSc in Policing and Security Leadership, a graduate has the following competencies.

  • Interpret the theory and professional practice of the discipline of policing and security.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to real world issues affecting policing and security.
  • Appraise collected data and information using a variety of analytic techniques and methodologies.
  • Prepare analytic products in written, oral, visual, and/or multimedia formats.
  •  Develop open source research and collection management practices.
  • Facilitate and manage policing and security processes and practices.
  • Produce research in the field of policing and security.
1PAS500Human Rights and Ethical PolicingCore3
PAS505Executive Leadership, Strategic Planning & PartnershipsCore3
2PAS515Policing and Community SafetyCore3
PAS520Strategic Financial ManagementCore3
3PAS525International PolicingCore3
 PAS580Research Methods in Policing and SecurityResearch3
4PAS510Operational CommandCore3
Elective Course 1Elective3


Elective Course 2Elective3
Elective Course 3Elective3
6SEC590Research ProjectResearch3
Elective Course 4Elective3
  • PAS500 Human Rights and Ethical Policing
  • PAS505 Executive Leadership, Strategic Planning and Partnerships
  • PAS510 Operational Command
  • PAS515 Policing and Community Safety
  • PAS520 Strategic Financial Management
  • PAS525 International Policing

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