Rabdan Academy was officially established under Law No. 7 in 2013, issued by the President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan in his capacity as Ruler of Abu Dhabi. The campus is located in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. Rabdan Academy is the first and unique academy in the UAE to provide opportunities for learning in a dual sector structure which recognizes prior learning and experience by sharing accumulated credits from courses and jobs, and life-long learning experiences. It provides a world-class, multi-disciplinary learning environment of choice for the continuing development and integration of safety, security, defence, emergency preparedness and crisis management (SSDEC) professionals. The Academy strives to prepare UAE nationals to become the nation’s future leaders in order to ensure continued resilience within the UAE and the region. Rabdan graduates are trained to adapt to new and unfamiliar threats.
Rabdan Academy is an Abu Dhabi Government’s dual sector higher education institute, delivering academic programs but also coordinating the accreditation of vocational training. The Academy currently offers the following programs which are accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Integrated Emergency Management (Diploma, Higher Diploma, Bachelor)
  • Business Continuity Management (Diploma, Higher Diploma, Bachelor)
  • Policing and Security (Diploma, Higher Diploma, Bachelor)
  • Crime Scene (Diploma)
  • Homeland Security (Diploma, Bachelor)
  • Intelligence Analysis (Masters)

Rabdan Academy accepts applications from all the Emirates of the UAE that are nominated and sponsored by stakeholder organizations, such as the UAE Armed Forces and the Ministry of Interior (MOI). Faculty members are highly qualified instructors and researchers from around the world.