Rabdan Academy reinforces Dual Credit Program  Admission of High School Students to the Academic Education

Rabdan Academy reinforces Dual Credit Program Admission of High School Students to the Academic Education

Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates – 14 October 2020:

As a
contribution to encouraging outstanding and distinguished high school students,
Rabdan Academy, an academy specializing in security, safety, defense, emergency
management and crisis management (SSDEC), announced that it had accepted a
group of third-stage students from various schools in the UAE to study
university courses in conjunction with their high school education.

Academy is proud of its strategic partnership with the Ministry of Education in
implementing the Dual Credit Program, which represents an unprecedented
opportunity for students wishing to invest their time optimally to build a
prosperous academic future.

Ministry of Education’s Initiative

the importance of the new program that the Ministry launched this year with
some higher education institutions in the UAE, HE Dr. Hamad Al Yahyai,
Assistant Undersecretary of Curriculum and Assessment Sector stated: “The
Ministry of Education launched the Dual Credit Program, an innovative program
through which the Ministry is keen to introduce and adopt international best
practices in academic education, to support the education sector in the

He further
stated that: “This innovative program realizes the new holistic vision of the
education ecosystem in the country, which adopts the two factors of innovation
and creativity as basic elements among the most important features of digital
transformation in the Emirati school that seeks leadership, and for the next
few years to be a global model in achieving the Excellent Education, one of the
UAE Centennial 2071’s Pillars”

Excellency also added: “The Ministry of Education aims, through the Dual Credit
Program, to enable students to learn about the nature of courses, university education,
and higher education needs and requirements, through studying some university
courses while they are still third-stage students, as the Dual Credit Program highlights
a set of goals of interest to students; the most important of which is, to
familiarize students with the atmosphere of the academy, in addition to
enhancing their capabilities as well as refining their skills required to
succeed in university education.”

Benefits of Dual Credit Program

the benefits of the Dual Credit Program, Dr. Faisal Al Kaabi, Dean of Faculty
of Resilience at Rabdan Academy, stated that: “The program works to raise
students’ readiness for an upcoming educational phase, and build on their
motivations and educational perspectives to achieve a qualitative addition to
their educational journey. The registration of academic courses related to
students ’orientation contributes to keeping pace with the economic requirements
of the National Agenda for the UAE Vision 2021, so as to achieve the
competitive knowledge economy in the country”

 Dr. Al-Kaabi also emphasized that: “The program
contributes to proactively preparing outstanding National Students for the
university stage, and allows them to integrate and interact with an advanced
educational stage that enables them to integrate their skills and knowledge
with new knowledge and experiences, benefiting from the support and supervision
of the faculty at the Academy, which helps them to developing their interests
and academic preferences as well as focusing on the Academic Disciplines that
are compatible with their aspirations and future ambitions.”

Al-Kaabi also added: “This program allows students to save time during the
study stages and accumulate university credits, which ultimately contributes to
their faster access to the market, and thus enables them to build their future
and achieve their ambitions in record time.”

On the
efforts of the Academy, the students applying to the program were subjected to placement
tests that included meetings with the faculty to learn about the student’s
personality and aspirations for studying at the Academy, in addition to their future
aspirations. Students were also assigned to some projects to assess the quality
of the content and the style of presentation. In fact, students have began in a
course associated within Business Continuity Management (BCM), which is one of
the degree programs at Rabdan Academy. AS a specialty, BCM, addresses the
continuation of the work cycle under normal and exceptional circumstances such
as what the world is experiencing today.

Impressions from Lecturers, Students and Parents

this new initiative, Dr. Carlos Samuel, Assistant Professor at Rabdan Academy
said: “It is really a new experience that made me feel the students’ enthusiasm
in the knowledge acquisition, overcoming the challenges of a university education
approach which is different from the school’s one, time management and
optimization of it, and their passion to obtain information and adopting a
different thinking approach than what they are accustomed to during the past 10
years, in addition to the ability of the currently program registered student
to obtain up to 6 university credits in one academic semester”.

Fatma Al
Bastaki, Student Mariam Essay’s, said: “We thank the Ministry of Education for
its continuous efforts to upgrade the educational system and to provide what is
new and beneficial to develop our children’s study methods and enable them to
achieve a promising future using innovative approaches. This makes them able to
assume their responsibilities with pride and appreciation. We also thank Rabdan
Academy for their interaction with students and providing all assistance to
enable them to adapt and succeed within the university environment, which will
open new horizons for them to a bright and sustainable future for our country”.

on the initiative, student Mariam enrolled in the Dual
Credit Program at Rabdan Academy said: “Choosing the university and academic
discipline is among the students’ priorities after the completion of the high
school, thus, this initiative makes it much easier for the student. I also
thank Rabdan Academy for the support it provides. The program enables us to
continue our university education while inside the country and with our family,
and it saves us time”.

It is
noteworthy that Rabdan Academy is a government-owned world-class education
institution established to coordinate and enhance learning outcomes for organizations and individuals in the
safety, security, defense, emergency preparedness and crisis management sectors
(SSDEC). The Academy is accredited by the UAE’s Commission for Academic
Accreditation (CAA) of the Ministry of Education.

The Academy provides learning in a dual sector
approach, combining academic and vocational education in one place whilst
recognizing prior learning and experience and providing accredited and
transferable credit from course to course and job to job. The Academy offers
Degree Programs in Business Continuity Management (BCM), Integrated Emergency
Management (IEM), Policing and Security (PAS), Crime Scenes (CSI), and Homeland