Rabdan Academy organizes Iftar Gathering for its Alumni

Rabdan Academy organizes Iftar Gathering for its Alumni

Abu Dhabi, 15 May 2019, As part of Rabdan Academy’s cultural and social activities and programs that aim to enhance and consolidate brotherhood, goodness, and to promote the culture and values of the UAE society, Rabdan Academy organized an Iftar gathering for its Alumni in Al Majlis – Al Hudiriyat Island, Abu Dhabi. The Iftar was held in the presence of Rabdan Academy President James Morse, high management, faculty and administrative members, on May 15th 2019.

This event came to bring Rabdan Alumni together as one family at a spiritual atmosphere, where more than 50 alumni have joined the gathering to reconnect with friends, faculty and staff, as to support the solidarity and social networking among each other.

The gathering started by receiving the Alumni by Rabdan Academy current students, where they met and shared talks and experiences during their academic journey at Rabdan Academy, before everyone broke their fast at the time of the call to Al Maghrib prayer.

After that, Rabdan Academy Mr. James Morse delivered a speech where he declared: “This gathering brings us all together during the Year of Tolerance, where we celebrate and promote respect, acceptance and tolerance values. As well as to support Rabdan Academy’s strategy and commitment to strengthen our relations and communication with our graduates, so that we can maintain and provide the support and appreciation of their efforts to reach our leadership aspirations to achieve, lead, and excel”.

Abdulla Omar Baslaib, Student Services and Registration Manager, presented the benefits of Rabdan Academy Alumni Association, where he shared with the graduates the programs, services, and benefits offered by the Alumni Association. He said: “Rabdan Academy is keen to develop a permanent relationship with its Alumni, as well as to create programs, and benefits that encourage our graduates to succeed in their paths as they become ambassadors for Rabdan Academy”.

This annual meeting on the holy month of Ramadan confirms Rabdan Academy’s keenness to create a positive environment for the employees and students, and to actively involve its graduates in various events. The attendees enjoyed this event full of closeness, and they expressed their gratitude to Rabdan Academy’s leadership for their efforts to organize such events that bring all as one family.