Dr. Asma Saleh Ahmed Al Teneiji

Dr. Asma Saleh Ahmed Al Teneiji

Assistant Professor - General Education and Foundation Program

I am an Assistant Professor of Innovation at Rabdan Academy, where I teach a variety of core courses in the General Education and vocational program.

I am also an advisor of Rabdan’s at-risk students where I assist students in improving their GPA’s.


I joined Rabdan in September 2019. Before this, I was working on my PhD in Finance at Brunel University London, UK, and successfully received the doctorate in 2018. I taught a variety of Economics and Finance courses during that time. Prior to this, I worked as a Budget Analyst in Gasco for three years. This was after I completed my Master’s degree in Finance at the University of Richmond, UK, in 2003.


I am currently teaching, as well as working on my research. I’m extraordinarily passionate about teaching and I believe that teachers have a great influence on the lives of their students, so I strive to have a positive impact on their lives. I have a large role in helping the UAE in achieving its Centennial 71 vision and through teaching Innovation, I am able to be part of the movement that will lead to the accomplishment of this objective. As an Emirati teacher, I will make sure to aid my country in building a generation that is equipped with the perseverance, resilience and confidence that is needed in order to guarantee the future success of our nation.

  • PhD, Finance and Economics, Brunel University in London
  • MBA, Finance, Richmond (The American International University in London)

– Introduction to Innovation to BSc students of Policing and Security & Homeland Security.

– Introduction to Innovation in Arabic to BSc Crime Scenes Students.

– Introduction to Innovation to Diploma students in Arabic.

-Professional communication skills

linkages between markets in the Gulf and whether the Gulf States are ready for a currency union.

– Cross Arbitrage, The law of one price and Specification in Developed Free Floating Economies and Compared to the Gulf States.

– United States (US) dollar ($) and the responsiveness of prices across the Gulf, the extent to which there may already be a common market for goods.

-The efficiency of the money markets in relation to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to determine whether interest rate pass through is effective and yields reflect an efficient market for debt.

– The financial markets were considered; first to determine whether any of the exchanges behave in an anomalous way, and then the extent to which these markets are integrated.

-Measuring students’ performance and achievements by applying new and different methods in teaching.

-Using different methods to measure the improvement of student’s confidence of in the class rooms.

Testing The impact of Guided Mastery method on Students Self efficacy and achievements Based on Design-Thinking Assessment. (Under process)

-Measuring student’s developments and performance if the Lean Startup method is applied in teaching. (Under process)


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