Summary of Initiative

Aligned with the overall mission of the UAE, the Ministry of Education launched the Advanced Skills Strategy during the Nov 2018 UAE Government’s 2nd Annual Meeting.  The purpose is to prepare the citizens and residents to become life-long learners and to meet the needs of and achieve the goals of the Centennial Plan 2071.

The 12 skills on the list are: Scientific literacy, creativity, critical thinking/problem solving, leadership, empathy, technological literacy, financial literacy, collaboration, communication, adaptability, social and cultural awareness, and growth mindset.

Rabdan Academy wants to prepare their graduates to meet the vision of the UAE government and the Ministry of Education.  To fulfill this mission, the Mathematics and Technology (MaT) Initiative was created.  The program will consist of four levels, one level per year, using modern means and technologies through various learning platforms: ALEKS, Coursera, and Moodle.  The students will receive up to 15 volunteer hours per year completed.

The MaT Initiative will engage students with mathematics and three of the twelve skills:

  • Critical thinking/problem solving
  • Financial literacy
  • Technological literacy

Importance of the program

MaT Initiative is aligned with the UAE governments mission to have a work force that is competent in the 21st Century Skills.  Students will have the ability to think mathematically using logic and technology.  The skills learned will benefit their employers as they will have critical thinking skills, the ability to understand, use and apply mathematical skills in their work.  Students will enter the work force with skills to tackle new problems in a logical and decisive manner.

The world today is power by data. Big Data has become a cornerstone of the global economy due to the rapid digitalization of the world. Data Scientists help organizations to process, collate and analyze the data and in turn provide relevant timely information so that organizations can make well-informed data-driven decisions.


Benefits of the Initiative

Skills learned in the MaT Initiative will create more knowledgeable employees with the ability to think mathematically using logic and technology.

Students will gain experience with new technological platforms to resolve real-world problems.

Students will gain 15 service hours for each year of successful completion.

Creation of a portfolio upon completing the Coursera courses which they can use to showcase their skills acquired to show employers up graduation.