Position Title:Lecturer BCM & IEM
Position Category Faculty
Position Available for: All Candidate
Key Objectives:To complement and build on the Business Continuity Management (BCM & IEM) Groups research interests and engage across the range of teaching programmes with significant involvement in one or more undergraduate, Masters or PhD programs always ensuring students are able to positively contribute to improving the resilience of the nation.
Key Responsibilities :Reporting directly to the Program Chair BCM & IEM , Lecturer BCM&IEM will be responsible for providing academic leadership and for developing an effective learning environment for students including but not limited to:
• Consulting with curriculum specialists, program and course developers and other faculty members, advisory committees and boards, the CAA, the Senate and potential employers and students;
• Defining course objectives and evaluating and validating these objectives;
• Specifying and approving leaning approaches, necessary resources and equipment;
• Developing individual instructional techniques;
• Selecting and approving print and non-print learning materials;
• Ensuring awareness of student course objectives, approach and evaluation;
• Carrying out regularly scheduled lectures and instruction;
• Tutoring and academic counselling of students;
• Evaluating students progress and assuming full responsibility for the overall assessment of the students’ work;
• Providing guidance to lecturers relative to their teaching assignments ; and
• Participating in the work of curriculum and other consultative committees as required.