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Dr. Eric Halford

Associate Researcher (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Halford has a long career as a highly effective academic collaborator who spent over a decade as his police services deputy director, and subsequently co-director of academic and research collaboration. At a national level he was a member of both the N8 Policing Research Consortium and Open University Centre for Policing Research and Learning. 

Dr. Halford is a prolific researcher and publisher who has published 9 Q1 journals and several book chapters in just the last 2 years. He is presently employed as an associate researcher and is actively conducting studies in areas including the impact of COVID-19 on crime and policing, criminal and geographical profiling, the investigation of missing children, evidence based policing and counter terrorism. 

In total he has been involved in over 45 academic research projects over the past 10 years. Over his career he has also secured over £3.5m in funding from both academic and government funding streams and has experience of developing many policing educational courses and multiple large programs of education for police detectives, which have been delivered to police officers nationally in the United Kingdom. 

As a result, he has significant knowledge, awareness of, and ability to merge contemporary strategic, operational and tactical best practice into police training and education.


    · PhD in Forensics and Applied Sciences

    · MA in Terrorism and Security Studies

Teaching Areas

    · Strategic and Executive Policing

    · Operational Commend

    · Criminal Investigation

    · Police Leadership

    · Child Protection

Research Interests

    · The impact of COVID-19 on crime and policing

    · Crime prevention and reduction

    · Criminal profiling

    · Geographical profiling

    · The investigation of missing children

    · Counter Terrorism

    · Evidence based policing


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Dr. Eric Halford
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