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Dr. Wan Zokhri Bin Wan Idris

Senior Fellow – Assistant Professor

Wan Zokhri Wan Idris has held some academic positions in International Relations (IR) research and teaching, heralding as the Deputy Dean of Student Affairs at the Management and Science University, Malaysia. He had served as a senior faculty member of Faculty of Business Management and Professional Studies (FBMP), MSU after completing his industrial attachment at Puncak Niaga Management Services (PNMS) as an assistant manager serving the Strategic Resources and Public Relations Division. His areas of research focus on the changing nature of diplomacy and sovereignty of developing nations and in particular Geopolitics in Asia. This leads Zokhri to lead the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) as Director for External Relations and later appointed as the Chief Executive Officer at the Policy and Economic Affairs Centre of Malaysia (PEACE). Currently, he is a Senior Fellow at the Rabdan Academy, Abu Dhabi.

Zokhri advocates for distinctive development and stability models for Southeast Asia and how Asia should focus on the End-to-End Implementation process. He spoke at the Uzbekistan Economic Forum 2022 (Macroeconomic Stability and Sustainable Growth – A New Phase of Structural Changes) and the 20th East Asia Forum (Strengthening Economic and Financial Cooperation for Sustained Recovery and Growth in East) Asia) in Vietnam.


    Ph.D in International Relations (Peace and Security)

    Grad.Dipl. (Environmental Policy)

    M.A. (Regional Integration)

    LL.B (Hons) (UK)

Teaching Areas

    Global Security, International Relations.

Research Interests

    Asian and MENA Geopolitics, US-China Relations, Power Transitions.


    Idris, Z. (2024). The Lost Generation 2020-2021: Action Plans in the New Normal in EU & ASEAN in Social Transformation in the New Normal in EU & ASEAN. Palgrave Macmillan.

    Idris, Z. (2024). Are We Destine for War? in Perspectives, Star Bizz, April 13th-19th.

    Idris, Z. (2024). Global Economy: A War Victim in Cover Story, Star Bizz, Jan 27th.

    Idris, Z. (2023). Can the New Geopolitics in Asia Disrupt the Current Global Order? in Foreign Relations, Institute for Diplomacy and Foreign Relations (Malaysia), April 30th.

    Idris, Z. (2023). Taking a Quantum Leap Approach in Breakingviews Prediction, The Reuters & The Edge Malaysia, January 30th.

    Idris, Z. and Kamaruddin, N. (2022). Malaysia’s Security Relations with the ROK: Exploring Maritime Security 2022 and Beyond in Navigating Unchartered Waters: Security Cooperation between ROK and ASEAN, Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Indonesia.

Dr. Wan Zokhri Bin Wan Idris
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