Rabdan Academy accepts applications from all the emirates of the UAE, GCC, and other countries. Rabdan Faculty are highly qualified instructors from around the world. The medium of instruction at the Academy is English, except for the Diploma in Crime Scene.

The Academy Board of Trustees determines the size and character of the student body, and is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all admission policies and procedures are consistent with the Academy mission and objectives, are clearly defined, apply to all students equally and are published appropriately.

A sub-committee of the Academy Education Board (the Admissions and Enrolment Committee) will review and make decisions on matters delegated to them, and otherwise will make recommendations to the Board of Trustees where necessary on all matters related to the admission and enrolment of students.

Applicants seeking admission to a Program or course at the Academy must:

  • Meet all of the admissions requirements and any other specific requirements for a course or Program of study to which they are seeking admission.
  • Undertake to adhere to the regulations and by-laws in governing matters such as attendance, conduct, academic progress and performance, fees and other matters as set out in the Student Handbook

Admission to vocational education and training program

Entry requirements for admission to programs within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector will be subject to the specific requirements of the learning discipline, industry sector or work area. As a general rule, admission to VET Programs will require learners to have:

  • Attained at least General Education Grade 10 level or equivalent;
  • Completed an approved institutional training program meeting the equivalent requirements; and/or
  • Provided evidence of the achievement of the required standards through recognition of prior learning.

Admission to undergraduate degree programs

Students seeking admission to an undergraduate degree program must satisfy the Academy general admission requirements, meet minimum English language requirements and satisfy all other program-specific requirements that are stipulated for entry into the program.

All applicants seeking to enrol as an undergraduate student must meet the following, in addition to the Academy general admission requirements:

  • Possess a valid passport (copy provided upon admission)
  • Be at least 17 years of age before the start date of the academic year they are entering the Academy;
  • Have completed 12 years of schooling; or
  • Be granted eligibility based on previous studies which meet the eligibility criteria/prerequisites for entry to the program or course in which they wish to enrol.

English language requirements

The medium of instruction at the Academy is English. To be eligible for admission, all applicants must meet the minimum English Language requirements by achieving at least 1100 of the UAE Standard Test of English Language for Admission (EmSAT) or an IELTS score of 5.0 or the equivalent TOEFL score of 500.

Students accepted into preparatory English language programs are considered probationary students and must meet or exceed the minimum English language requirements before they can advance into the award program.

Program-specific requirements

Applicants who wish to enrol in an award program or course which has specific entry requirements must also meet the minimum entry/academic requirements of that program. The requirements are available on the Rabdan Academy website, and any other relevant program documentation provided to prospective students.

High school applicants

Applicants who are applying directly from High School for entry, will be required to:

  • Have completed 12 years of schooling at a government secondary school or a private secondary school in the UAE, or if they have attended school abroad, have Ministry of Education documents certifying equivalency, and have achieved a minimum GSC score of 70% or Dean’s approval is required; and
  • Have completed the Common Educational Proficiency Assessment (CEPA) with a CEPA score of 170 (Math) or internationally recognised equivalent for entry into an undergraduate (Bachelor) program.

Recognition of equivalent secondary school certificates by Rabdan Academy will be on the provision that they are:

  • Consistent with the current requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Decree 200/Year 2004 and Decree 133/Year 2005;
  • Appropriate to the curriculum of the academic program in which the student wishes to enrol; and
  • Supported by officially certified credentials.

Transfer admissions

Students applying to enter Rabdan Academy on the basis of credit transfer must be transferring from a federal or licensed institution in the UAE, or a foreign institution of higher learning based outside the UAE and accredited in its home country, and satisfy all other requirements stipulated by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) for Transfer Admission students.

Transfer Admission cannot be provided to students under any conditions stipulated for provisional admission. The standard entry requirements for applicants seeking to enter the Academy as Transfer Admission students are:

  • An applicant wishing to enter a program or course as a transfer student must possess a valid passport (copy to be provided upon admission)
  • Applicants must meet the minimum English language entry requirements of the Academy prior to commencing the study in the program they transfer to;
  • Be of good academic standing in the institution in which they are enrolled if students are transferring into the same or similar field of study.
  • Meet all the other entry requirements of the program of study for which they are seeking to transfer.

Transfer Admissions students must provide official transcripts showing all post-secondary work attempted at all institutions attended and all other documentation required by the Academy in order to comply with CAA Transfer Admission requirements.

The granting of any advanced credit standing for a program or course already completed by the applicant shall be subject to assessment by the Academy academic assessors, but shall be limited to not more than 50% of any program or course. Credit will not be granted twice for courses that are substantially the same, but taken at two different institutions.

Courses accepted for transfer will require a minimum grade point of 2.0 or a grade of “C” or higher.

All applicants for Transfer Admission will be provided with timely written notification of the transferability of credit, how much credit is granted, and how the accepted credit will be applied to the degree program.

Non award program/course applicants

The minimum entry requirements for applicants seeking to enrol as non-award admissions students will be as approved by the Vice President Education, on the advice of the Director of Academic Affairs or the Director of Vocational Affairs.


Applications for admission will be assessed by the Director of Academic Affairs or the Director of Vocational Affairs in collaboration with the Registrar. Eligibility for entry is determined in accordance with the Admissions Policy , which comprises three key components:

  • General eligibility for admission;
  • English competency; and
  • Program-specific requirements.

When applying for admission, applicants will also be assessed for eligibility for advanced standing, transfer credits or recognition of prior learning, as appropriate. Assessments will be undertaken on the basis of official transcripts of earned undergraduate credits. Applications requiring further or special consideration will be referred to the Admissions and Enrolments Committee for their determination.


If an applicant is eligible for general admission, consideration will then be given to program-specific selection criteria that may apply such as program quotas or availability of space and teaching facilities. Selection of students into a program will be based solely on relative merit, and will apply equally to all students.

Applicant notification

If selected, a formal offer of a place in the program will be made to the applicant. The offer may include specific provisions related to probationary or provisional enrolment and, in these circumstances, include also the requirements that a student must meet in order to be removed from that status.

Students who are unsuccessful in their application for a place in a Rabdan Academy program or course will be advised of the outcome and the reasons for the decision.


Applicants will be required to formally accept the offer, and provide an undertaking that they will adhere to the regulations and by-laws in governing matters such as attendance, conduct, educational progress and performance, fees and other matters as set out in the Student Handbook.

Alternatively, the applicant may choose to reject the offer by advising the Registrar in writing or seek to defer commencement in the program.


If the applicant accepts the offer, the applicant is deemed to be admitted to the program, and will be advised by the Registrar of the procedures to complete the admission process.


Applicants will meet with their educational advisor to select and enrol in units that form part of the award.

Scholarships and financial aid

Students will be advised of any scholarships or other form of financial aid available to them through the Student Services and Registration Office.