Systems Engineering Specialising in Defence


Degree Programs

Demand for professionals with specialised engineering knowledge and skills has never been greater. The MSE offers a wide array of resources, training, and educational opportunities to fill this gap, and support the UAE demand for technical and innovative defence expertise. As a graduate, you will join a strong network of exceptional thinkers, focused on advancing solutions for real-world problems, and supporting the socio-economic goals of AD Vision 2030.

The MSE will offer graduates an intellectually creative and rigorous learning environment that prepares them for senior positions in industry, defence, and academia—promoting the national priorities of the UAE and engaging with modern challenges that permeate every sector of society.

  • Have relevant technological skills, knowledge, and abilities for employment as a manager in the SSDEC sector.
  • Work, lead, and communicate effectively in a team to achieve common goals.
  • Apply standard, ethical practices, procedures, and technologies to collect information, identify threats, assess risk, and develop effective programs.
  • Implement organisational, interagency solutions to strengthen the SSDEC community and build national resilience capacities.
  • Expand knowledge and capabilities through continuing education, certification, or other lifelong learning opportunities.
  • Fulfil civic duties and responsibilities through local, national, or global service.
  • Demonstrate knowledge associated with evaluating complex systems engineering applications
  • Critically assess the application of systems engineering processes and methods to the design of effective systems across application domains
  • Analyse complex systems properties for development of successful application of modern technologies and processes
  • Compare and contrast application of model-based system engineering approaches to life cycle process in complex systems and effectively communicate findings reflecting appropriate academic research practices.
  • Initiate, manage, independently self-evaluate, activities that may include strategic performance and development of professional teams and contributing to professional knowledge and practice including in unfamiliar learning contexts.

Program Delivery – Ideal Full-Time Study



Semester 1Semester 2
MSE500Introduction to Systems and Systems Engineering2 cr MSE515System Design and Realisation2 crMSE500
MSE505Enterprise Management2 crMSE500MSE520Problem Analysis and System Definition Workshop2 crMSE500


MSE510Problem Analysis and System Definition2 crMSE500MSE525Simulation in the Systems Engineering Lifecycle2 crMSE500


Semester 3Semester 4
MSE530Dynamic Modelling of Systems2 crMSE525MSE545Human Systems Engineering2 crMSE510


MSE535Software and Cyber Systems Engineering2 crMSE500


MSE550Research Methods2 cr
MSE540Dependability and Resilience2 crMSE515MSE555System Design and Realisation Workshop2 crMSE515
MSE560Thesis9 cr


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