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Sean Price


Sean Price is a Lecturer in Systems Engineering at Cranfield University, having previously had careers in industry and the Armed Forces.

Sean read a BSc in Applied Mathematics (Warwick University, 1987) as an Army Undergraduate Cadet. On completion of training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1988, Sean was commissioned into the Royal Welch Fusiliers and subsequently served in the UK and Germany fulfilling various regimental duty and staff roles.

As an Army Major, Sean competed a master’s degree in Defence Simulation and Modelling at Cranfield University in 1996. On completion of this course and due to a medical discharge, Sean joined the academic staff at Cranfield University, Shrivenham, teaching and researching in modelling, simulation and systems engineering. 

Sean left Shrivenham in 2003 to gain industrial experience and has held managerial positions in a number of defence, technology and education companies in the UK and Middle East. In January 2019 Sean re-joined the Centre for Systems and Technology Management.

From a research perspective, Sean is interested in systems philosophy, the foundations of systems engineering and the applications of modelling and simulation to the practice of systems. He leads the Cranfield Centre of Excellence for Complex Systems.


    MSc Simulation and Modelling

Teaching Areas

    Systems Theory, Systems Engineeing, Modelling and Simulation

Research Interests

    Foundational aspects of systems engineering and modelling and simulation. Mathematical aspects of systems theory, including system dynamics and dynamical systems modelling.


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    The Status of Models in Systems Engineering

    Journal of Battlefield Technology, Volume 5, Number 3 · Nov 10, 2002Journal of Battlefield Technology, Volume 5, Number 3 · Nov 10, 2002

    The Reality of SEBA - How Simulation Can and Cannot Inform the Acquisition Process

    Proceedings of 2002 Simulation Interoperability Workshop (Orlando, 9-13th Sept 2002) · Sep 9, 2002

Sean Price
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