Rabdan Academy celebrating UAE Flag day 2020

Rabdan Academy celebrating UAE Flag day 2020

UAE- Abu Dhabi, 3 November 2020

UAE celebrates the flag day on the 3rd of November each year, which is the anniversary of the inauguration of HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan as President, Commemoration of the founders of UAE. It is a day when the national spirit is renewed, and an occasion to reflect on the achievements of the era of President HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

This occasion embodies the feelings of unity and peace among the people of the Emirates, reinforces the feeling of belonging to the homeland and reinforces the image of the Emirates, and the manifestations of cohesion between the citizens.

Expressing his proudness about the occasion, Rabdan Academy President Mr. James Morse said:

“It was an honour to raise the UAE Flag today at Rabdan Academy, as a symbol of this Nation’s pride and success, as a safe and secure home for Emiratis and for expats”

Adherence to instructions of Health Safety and Environment for Covid-19, members of faculty and administration staff attended the event reserving the social distance.

Mr. Morse added: “The UAE Flag represents the Unity of our Courage, Hope, Honesty and Strength – all characteristics that we develop in our students at Rabdan, so they can fulfil their role as future leaders to continue this Nation’s journey of prosperity, stability and security”

And concluded, “Rabdan Academy is proud to raise the UAE flag today as a symbol of our Unity and our commitment to this Nation”.