Mr. Sadeq Mahmoud Telfah

Mr. Sadeq Mahmoud Telfah

Lecturer - General Education and Foundation Program

Sadeq Telfah holds a Master degree in history from Yarmouk University-Jordan with more than 15 years of experience in teaching history, Islamic culture, and Arabic culture (Arabic and English) in some leading schools and universities in UAE.

In 2013 Sadeq got involved in teaching at the university level as a part-time lecturer in universities in Dubai where he delivered courses related to history, Islamic heritage and culture. In sept, 2016 he joined Al-Dar University College as a full-time lecturer, and very soon he got promoted to be the chair of GED (General Education Department) .

In August. 2020 Sadeq joined University of Dubai as a fulltime lecturer in Emirati studies and Islamic Thought (English and Arabic). The journey was short in UD since he decided to join Rabdan Academy as a fulltime lecture in Emirati studies starting from spring 2020-2021.

Earlier in Jordan and not far away from teaching history and culture Sadeq worked as a tour guide for Western European and American tourists who visited the country to explore its culture and history.

B.A in History

M.A. in History.

Diploma in Tour guiding (Tourism in Jordan)


Emirates Studies (Rabdan)

Islamic Culture

Arabic history and culture.



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