Dr. Mohammad Kamel AlDwakat

Dr. Mohammad Kamel AlDwakat

Assistant Professor - General Education and Foundation Program

  • University of Jordan.   Islamic education – Jordan Grade: (Excellent)- 2008.


  • University of Jordan –  Islamic education – Jordan – 2003.


  • University of Balqa- Bachelor’s in Foundation of Religion& Islamic Studies. Jordan – 2000.

-Everything related to the Islamic studies for the general and foundation program.

-Training courses and initiatives.

  • Challenges Facing Arab and Islamic Culture.


  • The family and social order in Islam.


  • Moral values in Islamic thought.


  • Intellectual security in Islam.


  • Building a Muslim character.

Abou Assali, M., & Al Dowaikat. M. (2021). Positive Perspectives Matter: Enhancing Positive Organizational Behavior. PEOPLE: International Journal of Social Sciences, 7(2), 64-78.  https://doi.org/10.20319/pijss.2021.72.6478



_ Research entitled: (The Islamic educational role of the Arab family in the face of the challenges of cultural globalization) – A refereed scientific journal published by the London Center for Consultation and Research, Issue 42, September, 2021


_ Research entitled: The University’s Role in Addressing Human Development Challenges, Journal of Applied Sciences and Humanities, No. 6, 2019.


Social interaction and its role in building the personality of a Muslim woman, Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, second issue, 2018.


_ Research entitled: Moral Values in  Islamic Thought – Work Values as a Model, Nile Basin Studies Journal, Issue 21, 2017.



_ Research entitled: The impact of cultural globalization on world culture (Arab and Islamic culture as a model), The Arab Writer Magazine, a monthly magazine issued by the General Union of Arab Writers and Writers, Issue 93, September/September 2016.


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