Carlotta Rodriquez

Carlotta Rodriquez

Assistant Professor, Business Continuity Management & Integrated Emergency Management Program

Dr Carlotta Rodriquez is an Assistant Professor at Rabdan Academy, she combines extensive Academic and field experience, teaching theoretical knowledge and how to make it operational.

Her field of expertise covers architecture and seismic engineering, Disaster Risk Reduction, Disaster Resilience and Social Vulnerability, Disaster management, Shelters and emergency settlements, Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Cultural Heritage, Information management, project writing and project management.

She worked as a researcher for several Institutions in Switzerland, Portugal and Italy, and as a consultant for international organizations in the field of Disaster Risk Management and Post Disaster Reconstruction, in Asia (Myanmar, India, Nepal and Cambodia) and in Kenya, from where she was managing projects in different parts of Africa.

Highly flexible and efficient, Dr Carlotta worked effectively all over the world in very diverse environments such as governmental institutions, international organizations, research centers and in the field engaging communities and local stakeholders.

She is part of several ISO working groups and of the Italian Disaster managers association, as well as being part of IFRC’s Shelter and Emergency needs assessment and planning rosters.

PhD in Risk and Emergency Management part of UME (Understanding and Managing Extremes) programme of the University School for Advanced Studies IUSS-Pavia. Thesis: A framework to assess Disaster Resilience based on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Master’s degree in Advanced structural modelling analysis and design at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Faculty of Engineering, 110 cum laude/110, with thesis on “Structural Health Monitoring of Cultural Heritage”.

Master’s degree in Architecture, 110 cum laude/110 at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, with thesis on “Sustainable technologies with a focus on recycled concrete, Life Cycle Assessment and fibre-optic measuring methods”.

Specialization course in disaster management with 100 cum laude/100 at ASSODIMA (National Association of Disaster Managers). Risk assessment and emergency management, from a theoretical and a practical perspective, in the context of national and international civil protection mechanisms. Thesis: The role of social vulnerability and resilience assessment in Civil Protection policy-making. Currently national councillor of the National Disaster Managers Association (ASSODIMA).

Master level specialization course in Shelter and Settlements in Emergencies (STT) at IFRC (International Federation of the Red Cross/Red Crescent) and I am part of the International Shelter and Settlement roster.

Emergency Needs Assessment and Planning (ENAP) specialization, at IFRC (International Federation of the Red Cross/Red Crescent), and I am part of the Italian Red Cross Information Management Unit

Risk management, Emergency management at Rabdan (2021-onwards)


Prior to RA: structural design, mechanics, architectural design, geometry as  TA at University of Rome la Sapienza – faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Engineering (2007-2015)


Sustainable architecture and Seismic design, Early warning systems, community based DRR as a trainer for several institutions (Architecture et Developpment, Architect sans frontiers, CIMA Research Foundation) (2016 onwards)

  • Architecture and seismic engineering, Risk assessment
  • Disaster Risk Financing
  • Disaster Risk Reduction, Resilience and Social Vulnerability
  • Disaster management, Shelters and emergency settlements
  • Sustainable Development
  • Climate Change, Cultural Heritage
  • Information management
  • project writing and project management.

– ACE (Advances in Civil Engineering) conference, Vietri sul Mare, Italy, June 12-13, 2015

Structural concrete with recycled aggregate: advances in mechanical properties, durability and sustainability. Rodriquez, Liotta and Viviani.


– CINPAR XII Congresso Internacional sobre Patologia e Reabilitação de Estruturas, Porto, Portugal, October 26-29, 2016.

Damages characterization of São Lourenço’s Church. Mesquita, Rego, Rodriquez, Paupério, Arêde e Varum.

– Special Issue of International Journal of Architectural Heritage on Urban Seismic Risk of Historical Centres: “New trends and challenges in large-scale and urban assessment of seismic risk in historical centres”.

Assessing Seismic Social Vulnerability in Urban Centres – the Case-Study of Nablus, Palestine.

Rodriquez, Monteiro e Ceresa.


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