Alumni Adel Saleh Al Hammadi

Alumni Adel Saleh Al Hammadi

Specialized in Integrated Emergency Management and a former member in Students Council at Rabdan Academy

In the beginning, I would like to thank Rabdan Academy and all its staff and faculty for providing educational programs with world class education in several areas, the most important of which are business continuity, preparedness for emergencies and crisis management.

One of my most important participation and achievements recently is the participation in the missions of the first line of response for Corona pandemic ‘COVID-19’, where I was the leader of a group of individuals to oversee isolated hotels. Also to make sure that none of the infected will cause any problem with the medical staff, Hotel staff, volunteers and provide daily reports for the line managers for the preparation of entry and exit infected from hotels. Addition to that, I participated to supervise on the field hospital in Abu Dhabi Exhibition Center to assure that there is no problem that the medical staff may face or staff by putting members of the group that worked with me at the time and duration of this and this mission starting from the beginning of April, until the end of June where it was a big responsibility for me. Through it I gained experience and identified the roles in the medical staff and the crisis team as well as Red Crescent team.


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