What is the Vocational Affairs Division?

The vocational affairs division in Rabdan Academy was established to support all relevant entities in the UAE national security framework and to develop national capabilities and competencies through the provision of joint education and training in an integrated environment aiming at ensuring the resilience and integration of all relevant elements.

It provides a selection of short courses designed for professional development of personnel working in the Safety, Security, Defense, Emergency and Crisis management (SSDEC) sector. You may nominate your employees to attend our short courses, not only to get updated with latest development in their current field of specialty but also to acquire knowledge and skills related to a new area of expertise.

What are the Domains of the Vocational Affairs Division?

The Vocational Affairs was designed to deliver short learning programs to meet the educational and training needs in the fields of Safety, Security, Defense, Emergency and Crisis management (SSDEC), that provides the best opportunities for an effective learning, professional development of personnel, and building capabilities in (SSDEC) sector, and we deliver training also in: Intelligence, Homeland Security, Business Continuity Management, Information Technology and Cyber Security, Project and Risk Management, Finance and Audit, Management and Personal Effectiveness, Crisis and Emergency Management, Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

What are the training courses available?

Entities can choose between training courses listed on the Vocational Affairs bilingual catalogue found on https://bit.ly/37rxaD5

Based on the course chosen, timing and duration can be customized and may be delivered at the premises of Rabdan Academy or at any other location of your choice.

For further information, you can send an email with the desired course including all your inquires to vocationalaffairs@ra.ac.ae.

Can the Vocational Affairs Division customize a training course based on our needs?

The Division can design and deliver customized short courses tailored to meet your specific requirements and make them relevant to your organization. Depending on your requirements the course content, timing and duration can be customized.

To customize a training course, the entity should share its’ objectives and a description of the training course. For further information please contact the Vocational Affairs via email vocationalaffairs@ra.ac.ae for further assistance.

What are the Specialized Forums and Seminars?

The Academy organizes panel discussions and seminars presented and led by national and international experts in the field of Safety, Security, Defense, Emergency and Crisis management (SSDEC) domains, that are attended by Entities, RA Strategic Partners, Stakeholders Officials and RA Students.