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Dr. Raúl Leal Ascencio

Associate Professor

Raúl is an Associate Professor in Systems Engineering. He is interested in systems thinking, systems modelling, systems design, complex project management, resilience and the professional development in these areas in industry. His involvement in research, education and training extends to over 25 years and several countries like Chile, Mexico, USA, Spain, India and the UK. Before joining Rabdan Academy, Dr. Leal was Deputy Director of the UCL Centre for Systems Engineering in London and before that, systems design authority in the development of a nuclear imaging (PET) instrument at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire. He has dozens of publications and sees his involvement in learning experiences as a privilege.


    •   BEng in Electronic and Communications Engineering, Universidad de las Americas-Puebla, Mexico.

    •   MSc in Industrial Control Systems, Salford University, UK.

    •   PhD in Instrumentation and Analytical Science, University of Manchester, UK

    •   Postdoc applying pattern recognition to car driving, Kings College London, UK.

Teaching Areas

    •   Systems Engineering

    •   Systems Thinking

    •   Systems Design

    •   Lifecycle Management

    •   Risk and Resilience

    •   The Enterprise Environment


    Indicative list

    1.   Pan Zhang, Raul Leal Ascencio and Giles Poulsom, (2021), “Exploring Mobile Banking Adoption through Causal-Loop Diagrams”, Proceedings of the 4th European International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Rome, Italy, August 2-5, 2021.

    2.   Michael Emes, Raul Leal Ascencio, Juan Carlos Guerrero, (2020), “Systems Dynamic Modelling of Cost and Schedule Performance in Space Projects”, Journal of Modern Project Mangement, Vol 8, Issue 24, Num 2, p. 6-23.

    3.   Sindi, Y. H. O., Leal Ascencio, R., & Emes, M. (2019). Towards Ethics in Robotic Cities. In 2018 IEEE Global Conference on Internet of Things (GCIoT). Alexandria, Egypt, IEEE.

    4.   Ali, M., Emes, M., & Leal Ascencio, R. (2018). Investigating the Awareness of Decision-Making Heuristics and Biases in the Selection and Definition of Infrastructure Projects. In Proceedings of the 2nd EU International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management. Paris.

    5.   Franca, V., & Leal Ascencio, R. R. (2013). Lean Systems Engineering: Concepts and Discussion. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management. Valladolid, Spain: Abepro.

Dr. Raúl Leal Ascencio
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