Strengthening Abu Dhabi’s Community Security: A Collaborative Effort by Majalis Abu Dhabi and Rabdan Academy

Abu Dhabi - 10 Nov 2023 - 6:00 PM

Strengthening Abu Dhabi’s Community Security: A Collaborative Effort by Majalis Abu Dhabi and Rabdan Academy
  • This initiative supports a strategic vision to protect youth, raise awareness, and combat misinformation.


  • Expert-led sessions and seminars from Rabdan Academy will strengthen societal values, cultural heritage and national identity.


  • The agenda covers tackling fake news, addressing AI advancements, and dealing with youth-related challenges.

Abu Dhabi – UAE, 10 November 2023: Majalis Abu Dhabi at the Citizens and Community Affairs Office of the Presidential Court, in collaboration with Rabdan Academy, will present a comprehensive series of workshops, lectures and seminars dedicated to enhancing community security within the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

This initiative aligns with a strategic vision that seeks to merge awareness and cultural efforts to safeguard the youth, raise consciousness, combat misinformation and promote societal values and traditions. Eminent experts and specialists from Rabdan Academy, a global leader in academic and vocational education specializing in safety, security, defence, emergency preparedness and crisis management, will be actively engaged in this endeavor.

H.E. Salem Al Saeedi, Vice President of Rabdan Academy, emphasizes the significance of this partnership between the Academy and Majalis Abu Dhabi. This collaboration embodies a shared vision aimed at solidifying ethical and behavioral values and propelling the most critical segment of society, the youth, forward. This will be achieved through interactive dialogues and discussions designed to fortify the community security system, support national prosperity, preserve cultural heritage and uphold the national identity.

Al Saeedi further notes that a select group of the Academy's faculty, possessing international expertise, exceptional skills and real-world experience, will actively participate in this pioneering national initiative. He encourages the local community, particularly the younger generation, not to miss this opportunity and to participate in these sessions as per the schedules announced by Majalis Abu Dhabi.

The inaugural session, titled ‘Security: A Shared Responsibility,’ will commence on 4 November 2023, at Majlis Alfoah. Subsequent sessions will tackle various topics, including combating rumors, countering fake news, and addressing the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence technologies and soft power's role in strengthening national identity along with other related topics.

These enlightening sessions will also be hosted at various Majlis locations, including Majlis Al Rawdah, Majlis Rabdan, Majlis Mohamed Khalaf, Majlis Mohammed Ahmed Al Mahmood, Majlis Mubarak Bin Qaraan, Majlis Al Hawashim and Majlis Alfoah.

Rabdan Academy's continued commitment to community programs and initiatives, driven by purposeful service-based learning, underscores its dedication to creating new possibilities and leaving a positive imprint on society.

Strengthening Abu Dhabi’s Community Security: A Collaborative Effort by Majalis Abu Dhabi and Rabdan Academy
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