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Dr. Nils Norlander

Assistant Professor

Dr. Norlander has over twenty-five years of experience as a leader and expert in strategic Defence and Government R&D, including positions as Senior Scientist and Research Director at senior and executive levels in the Swedish Defence Research Agency and the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters Defence Staff.

Dr. Norlander has recurring assignments as an independent scientific expert for the European Commission and NATO.

He has also held positions as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Scientific Officer and Research & Innovation Director in private Security and Defence enterprises.


    Dr. Norlander holds Doctorate and Licentiate degrees in Industrial Ergonomics from The Graduate School of Human-Machine Interaction at Linköping University and the Royal Institute of Technology, supported by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research. He also holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Linköping University, with specialization in quality control, digitalization, automation, complex dynamic systems, control theory and signal processing. Dr. Norlander holds diplomas in strategic change management, innovation management and business development from the Stockholm School of Economics. He is a graduate from the Swedish Defence University's Advanced Command and Staff program in operations, strategy, executive leadership and crisis management. He is also a graduate from the Crisis Management and Civil Emergency Planning Program in in crisis management, counter-terrorism, public threats, and security & defence policy at the Swedish Defence University's Institute for National Defence and Security Policy Studies.

Teaching Areas

    MIL 130 Human Factors in Defense and Security.

Research Interests

    Dr. Norlander lectures regularly on science, technology and policy matters. His research in Cognitive Systems and Command and Control is internationally recognized; Dr. Norlander and his research fellows received the NATO Science and Technology Organization Scientific Achievement Award in 2014. Dr. Norlander is currently active as a researcher, analyst, author and lecturer mainly in the areas of:

    R&D and innovation management,

    • Scientific & Technical Intelligence & Investigation
    • Operations Research & Horizon scanning,
    • Strategic foresight and futures,
    • Digitalization and digital transformation,
    • Multi-domain command, control, decision-making and harmonization
    • Systems and capabilities development,
    • Concept development and experimentation,
    • Complex, cognitive and adaptive systems,
    • Modelling and Simulation,
    • Human-Systems Integration,
    • Human Factors,
    • Human-Technology-Organization,
    • Systems safety and cognitive security,
    • Crisis management, homeland security and defence


    Dr. Norlander is an accomplished academic researcher, analyst, entrepreneur, author and scholar with a strong international profile, with more than 70 peer-reviewed articles, books, book chapters, reports and papers.

Dr. Nils Norlander
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