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Dr. Mohammad Almajali

Associate Professor

Dr. Mohammad Almajali is currently an associate professor at Rabdan Academy in UAE. He has an extensive industrial and academic experience in both civilian and military fields. He started his career as an Aeronautical Engineer working on aircraft maintenance and got promoted until heading the maintenance division. Dr. Almajali has solid background in aviation, maintenance, teaching, training and administration. He supervised several projects for graduate and undergraduate students in addition to coordinating EU funded projects for capacity building in the Jordanian higher education institutions. He was a member in many committees for leasing, purchasing and integrating and updating engineering and high technology systems. Dr. Almajali headed the Aerospace section at the Jordanian Defense Entity “King Abdullah Design and Development Bureau” where he supervised and developed several projects concerning defense technology. He also taught many Engineering (Aerospace and Mechanical) courses in several Universities including HCT in UAE. Dr. Almajali has several articles published in a high impact peer reviews Journals


    • PhD in Engineering from Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at University of Dayton (UD) – OH/USA
    • M. S in Aeronautical Engineering from US Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) – Wright Patterson Air Force Base – OH/USA
    • B. S in Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering from Jordanian University of Science and Technology (JUST) – Irbid/Jordan.
    • Staff and Senior staff college from King Hussain College/ Jordan
    • Defense Technology from King Abdullah Design and Development Bureau. 

Teaching Areas

    Applied mechanics, aviation, engineering technology, and advanced math

Research Interests

    • Higher Education
    • Structural material and analysis
    • Porous media
    • Unmanned aerial and ground vehicles


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Dr. Mohammad Almajali
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