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Dr. Khameis Mohamed Al Abdouli

Program Chair

Dr. Khameis AL Abdouli is program chair of foundation and general education and an Assistant Professor of Business Continuity Management and Integrated Emergency Management at Rabdan Academy. His teaching and research are shaped by his background in academics, as well as his experience as a head of future studies unit in the Emirates University Center for Public Policy and Leadership between 2017 to 2019.

Dr. AL Abdouli started his academic career as a teaching assistant at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), where he obtained an MA in Geographic Information Systems with high distinction from University of Arkansas, USA and a PhD from Florida State University, USA. During his PhD years, Dr. Alabdouli joined the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center where worked closely with NASA scientists and partners on project titled: “Creating a Colombian Wildfire Risk Evaluation Map with NASA EOS Data”. After earning his PhD degree, Dr. Alabdouli joined the Department of Geography and Urban Sustainability, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, UAEU as an assistant professor from 2015 to 2019. During his work with the UAEU, he participated in various committees on department, college and university levels.

 In 2017, Dr. AL Abdouli joined the Emirates University Center for Public Policy and Leadership as the head of future studies unit, in addition to his academic duties, where he was responsible for couple of research projects with government partners. Dr. AL Abdouli worked closely with various government agencies on the local and the federal level on different tasks and projects such as proposing the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Center for Fujairah Emirate in 2017. In addition, he established and coordinated couple of MOU’s between the UAEU and their strategic partners such as Dubai Police and NCEMA (National Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management Agency). Dr. AL Abdouli, also, had experience with future foresight tools and applications by preparing future foresight report for the UAE in coordination with University of Oxford and Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. Furthermore, Dr. AL Abdouli was a member of several judge committees in the United Arab Emirates University and external partners.

Dr. AL Abdouli contributed to his academic career through publishing couple of journal articles in peer-reviewed journals in addition to delivering presentations at a number of international symposiums and conferences.


    PhD from Florida State University, USA

    MA in Geographic Information Systems with high distinction from University of Arkansas, USA

Teaching Areas

    ·     Delivered Sessions in Future Foresight tools and applications

    ·     Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

    ·     Geographical Information Systems (2)

    ·     Introduction to Remote Sensing

    ·     Introduction to Integrated Emergency Management

    ·     Business Continuity Management (BCM)

    ·     Developing Specific Plans and Procedures for BCM

    ·     BCM for Ministries and Promotion of BCM

    ·     GIS for Project Management

    ·     GIS for Urban Planning

    ·     Internship

    ·     Natural Hazards

    ·     Land Use Planning

    ·    Integrated Capstone

Research Interests

    •   Utilize the Geospatial technology (GIS and Remote Sensing) in Emergency management applications.


    Alam. E, Alabdouli. K, Khamis. A. H, Bhuiyan. H. U, and Rahman. K. A. 2021. Public Trust in COVID-19 Prevention and Responses Between January and May 2020 in Bangladesh, Risk Management and Healthcare Policy, 1;14:4425-4437. doi: 10.2147/RMHP.S327881

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    Alabdouli. K, Hussein. K, Ghebreyesus. D, and Sharif. H, 2019. Coastal Runoff in the United ArabEmirates—The Hazard and Opportunity. Sustainability. 11. 5406.10.3390/su11195406.

    Alabdouli. K, Hussein. K, Sharif. H and Ghebreyesus. D, 2019, Use of IMERG Satellite Products and Distributed Modeling to Simulate Urban Flooding in Fujairah, UAE, Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, (Presentation).

    Alabdouli. K, 2017. Hypothetical Tsunami Scenarios and Evacuation Intention: A Case Study of Organa County, California. J Geogr NatDisast 7:212. doi: 10.4172/2167-0587.1000212.

    Alabdouli. K, 2017. Using Spatial Data to Predict Tsunami Evacuation Participation Rate and Trip Generation, 2nd International Conference on GIS and Remote Sensing, Vienna, Austria, (Presentation).

    Alabdouli. K, 2015. Tsunami Evacuation: Using GIS to Integrate Behavioral and Vulnerability Data with Transportation Modeling, The 5th International Conference on Earth Observation for Global Changes (EOGC 2015) & the 7th International Conference on Geo-information Technologies for Natural Disaster Management (GiT4NDM 2015), (Presentation).

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    Alabdouli. K, 2012, Tsunami Risk Assessment Using Geomatics in Fujairah City, UAE, Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, (Presentation).

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