Dean's Office

Dr. Deena Elsori

Academic advisor to the dean

Dr. Deena Elsori holds the position of Associate Professor and serves as the Academic Advisor for the Dean of Faculty at Rabdan Academy. Prior to joining Rabdan Academy, she held the role of Associate Dean of Student Affairs for the College of Health Sciences at Abu Dhabi University. Dr. Elsori has achieved notable accomplishments throughout her career and has been recognized as an exceptional professor, demonstrating exemplary leadership skills while imparting a wealth of knowledge to her students. Her exceptional contributions have been acknowledged through multiple distinguished faculty awards in the field of higher education.

Before relocating to the United Arab Emirates, Dr. Elsori served as a postdoctoral fellow at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, USA. Her research primarily focused on chronic inflammation and its correlation with heart disease. Currently, she directs her research interests towards public health and has emerged as a prominent advocate for wellbeing and health promotion within the UAE.

Dr. Elsori encompasses various roles, including that of an academician, researcher, mother, educator, and community builder. She played a pivotal part in establishing the public health program and the college of Health Sciences at Abu Dhabi University. She was instrumental in conceptualizing a Happiness Course aimed at equipping students with essential tools to enhance their emotional well-being. In essence, Dr. Deena Elsori prioritizes the holistic success of her students by placing a strong emphasis on their overall well-being.


    • 2004 - 2009: Cleveland State University/Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, USA - Ph.D. in Cell Biology/Molecular Medicine
    • 2003 - 2004: Faculty of Medicine in Kuwait University, Kuwait - M.Sc. (Candidate), Medical Biochemistry
    • 1999 - 2003: Faculty of Science, Kuwait University, Kuwait - B.Sc. in Molecular Biology/Biochemistry
    • 2011: International Studies, University of Bradford, UK - Certificate of Continuing Education, Dual-Use Biosecurity

Teaching Areas

    Public Health, Nutrition, Maternal and child Health, Cell Biology, Immunology, Biochemistry, Research Methods, Soft Skills

Research Interests

    Health promotion, Mental Health, Cancer Biology, Chronic Inflammation, Health Education 


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Dr. Deena Elsori
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